What Is The Chiropractic Adjustment

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What is The Chiropractic Adjustment

What exactly is the chiropractic adjustment?  Many times new patients will ask this question about what exactly we are trying to achieve.  They think that we are going to snap, pop, crack, thump, explode or do something that involves loud noises to their spine.  When in fact a chiropractic adjustment is none of those.  Let’s face it, in reality if a chiropractor really “cracked” your neck…come on now.

Specificity Is Key With A Chiropractic Adjustment

Specificity is key when understanding the adjustment.  If there is no specificity to an adjustment being delivered, then it’s basically like a pill.  Everyone gets the same dose and you have to take it 2x a day.  What?  If chiropractic is not specific, it is nothing at all.  Start with x-ray analysis.  In order to truly “see” what is going on with someones health, utilize the x-ray.  What about children and pregnant mothers?  Obviously x-ray analysis is not performed in these situations.

What Do Chiropractors Even Adjust?

Subluxation’s.  A subluxation is when a spinal nerve has chronic irritation that becomes dysfunctional and changes the messages that the brain receives.  This is due to your bodies inability to adapt to a stress placed on it.   A subluxation inhibits the way the brain acts and interprets incoming and outgoing data.  The rest of the body as a result will be in an altered state as well to compensate.

Reconnecting After A Chiropractic Adjustment

When a specific subluxation is located, the adjustment must be precise.  The speed of the adjustment must be 200 milliseconds to deliver accurate results.  Just think of starting up an engine.  You do not crank nice and slow and hope for something to happen.  FAST!  With intent!  An adjustment is felt by the para-spinal muscles (muscles attached to the spine) which are connected via nerves.  After a specific adjustment the muscle spindles feed proper information back to the brain (via happy nerves).  Thus, reestablishing proper movement in the spine.  With proper movement, and adjusting a subluxation the spinal nerves restore natural patterns of input back to the brain.  Healing…adapting.


then it does deserve the title “Adjustment” then it’s called a

Ever Feel Disconnected From Your Body

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Ever Feel Disconnected From Your Body

Ever have the feeling that you and your body are just disconnected?  Could be a reoccurring theme for some.  Could of just happened by chance for others.  Either way the body is trying to communicate to you.  Listen to the body and head it’s advice.  Every single day in our office we talk about being disconnected.  It’s a realization that your chiropractor should explain to you.  The body is doing something for a reason. Listen.  ​Misalignment causes irritation of the spinal nerves, and this irritation, in turn, will lead to symptoms.


The simplest way to explain what a chiropractic adjustment is doing, is reconnecting.  Think of plugging a lamp back in to the outlet.  You see when a subluxation occurs it causes dysfunction within the entire central nerve system.  Which means your entire body.  Initially a subluxation is like dimming lights.  You can still see.  You can still function.  You basically can do everything you want to do.  Not at 100% though.  That should not be normal for you.  Yet, many people continue to live their lives like that.  Chiropractic is much more than just “pain treatments.”  Understanding the full capacity of chiropractic is grasping the body as a whole.

Living Connected

So, what happens when the body is connected.  This falls into play with people who get checked for subluxations on a regular basis.  Patients will report being in tune with their body.  They will recognize “symptoms” that are particular to them.  This ranges from: limited range of motion, poor energy, sickness, ear infections, to constipation.  A symptom is a red flag.  Recognize that living disconnected puts your health at risk.  Symptoms will appear and take over. Without directly attacking symptoms with medication.  Chiropractic restores proper connection to the brain-body pathways.  Which enables your body to HEAL.  Nothing is more powerful than enabling your body to adapt to the stress placed on it.


What To Do With Constant Muscle Tension?

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What To Do With Constant Muscle Tension?

Muscle tension often shows up after a vigorous exercise or a new activity that your body is not used to.  This tension should dissipate after a couple of days.  That is considered a normal chain of events.  If the muscle tension exists for an extended period of time, somethings up.  If you find yourself at the end of the day having the same tension over and over again, your body is not healing.  The body is trying to communicate to you, just listen.

Deep Muscle Tension

Your body always works from inside to out.  The central nerve system coordinates all activity for the musckelskeletal system.  Muscles do not upset the firing capacity of a nerve.  A nerve becomes irritated and upsets the muscles the nerve is controlling .  If a specific nerve in your spine has chronic irritation as a direct result the muscles it controls will be irritated as well.  This irritation occurs from subluxations within the body.  A subluxation irritates a nerve thus rendering the nerve to be below its optimal potential.  Think of irritation as dropping a phone call that is vitally important.  This will happen over and over again.

Undo The Tension From Within

Tension is one symptom that your body will reveal when a subluxation is present for a period of time.  Loss of energy, poor sleeping habits, inability to heal from stress in your life.  Allow your body to heal and adapt with specific chiropractic care.  Chiropractor’s are the only profession that allow your body to heal from within by adjusting subluxations.  Chronic tension you can feel on the outside of your body.  Imagine what that tension does to the inside of the body.  Health is more than just “How You Feel.”  Health is about expressing your optimal potential on a daily basis.



Best Exercise To Help Your Spine

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Best Exercise To Help Your Spine

The best exercise to help your spine is very simple.  In fact many of us know it already and have been taught at a very young age what to do.  It’s just so hard to do.  It’s called having GREAT POSTURE.  That’s it?  Yes, very simple at to the point.  The best so called “exercise” that you can accomplish and help your spine is being diligent with your posture.  Do you realize that having good posture is actually hard to do?

Adjustments Make My Posture Better

So, subluxations compromise ones ability to have profound posture.  Subluxations disconnect the brain-body connection.  So, as a direct result your body will work harder and faster than it requires to balance itself.  By getting checked on a regular basis and adjusted if necessary, you allow your body to be at it’s peak potential.  This means your central nerve system is happy, which means your body is happy.  People might say, “I need to focus on my Lats or do stabilizing exercises.”  Great, you can do those.  Or you can stop looking for the latest and greatest and do what has survived the test of time.

My Posture Is My Exercise

Guess what?  Being healthy is hard work.  It can’t be sold, modified, or infringed upon.  Coming and visiting your chiropractor to maintain your health is hard work. Watching and being diligent about your posture is hard work. Or course going and running for miles on end and lifting weights are necessary.  Or just incorporating an active lifestyle is beneficial. Once again it comes back again to hard work.  There is no stretch or exercise that can FIX a subluxation.  You get adjusted and reconnect the brain-body connection.  As a direct result your body will become more at ease.  Which means its easier to have better posture.  Let’s keep health simple.  Get your nerves checked.

Bid The Job Through X-rays

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Bid The Job Through X-rays

Anybody that has ever been involved in a renovation or house project knows about the “Bid.”  There are lots of factors to consider when someone gives another person a bid.  Usually the number one thing that makes it or breaks it for somebody is the cost.  What determines the difference between pricing from one contractor to the next?  Your guess is just as good as mine.  Obliviously, they have their reasons for what they do and how they handle their business.  What about if they had x-rays?

How To See More About The Problem

A great tool that has been utilized for helping locate the source and cause of problems for health care is x-rays.  Imagine if a contractor had such a tool to use when bidding for a job that they could be so specific in their bid.  X-rays reveal specifically what and where your specific subluxations are.  Subluxations are what chiropractor’s are trained to locate and adjust if necessary.  The subluxation disconnects the brain body connection.  Imagine going in blindfolded when bidding a construction job.  The same can be said when not utilizing the availability of advanced imaging and chiropractic care.

X-rays Eliminate Guessing

Ultimately a valid tool to use in any chiropractic office is x-rays.  Obliviously, pregnant females and infants do not require imaging.  For everyone else the availability to utilize an x-ray is substantial.  Looking at the x-rays and understanding how they correlate with your overall health is what chiropractors do.  ​A healthy lifestyle, including regular chiropractic adjustments, is the cornerstone of controlling your quality of life.  To access and utilize advanced imaging makes sure that your care is different than everybody else.  Why?  Because everybody is different and their care should be unique and specific based on their needs.  There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter formula when dealing with a subluxation and how it affects somebody. Get your body checked.

Low Energy Bringing You Down?

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Low Energy Bringing You Down?

Having the capacity to make it through the day can be a struggle when you have low energy.  When your body is not properly supplied and coordinated, road blocks become evident and destroy your quality of life.

Easy Reasons For Low Energy Stores

  • Not receiving enough rest at the end of the day can deplete your energy stores.  Get your 8 hours of sleep and be done with it!  Easy!
  • Let your food be your guide to a well nourished body.  Not eating sufficient amounts of substantial foods can weaken your energy stores.
  • Physical exercise on a daily basis is a must.  If you are not giving your body physical exertion you will not replenish your energy stores.
  • Poor posture.  It is really hard to have good posture and maintain it.  Though when you have bad posture your body actually works harder and faster to make sure you are walking around straight.

Subluxation Causes Low Energy

Your body is designed to coordinate and receive all information regarding life via your central nerve system.  A subluxation places a “road-block” on your communication lines by placing undo stress upon a nerve.  Think of a subluxation as a downed power line.  When the body is not properly connected to it’s source, optimal function is not fully acquired.  The subluxation results in interference with the transmission of life.  The body begins to work harder and faster than it should due to this disconnect.  As a direct result your body is in overdrive trying to survive on a day to day basis.

Re-Connect The Energy

We recommend to simply have your nerves checked for possible interference.  When the subluxation is present within the body, you cannot function at 100%.   You cannot have full energy power.  Your power source is and always will be the central nerve system.  Regardless of your health habits to assist with energy levels, starting off at the basis with chiropractic is your foundation.

Tips To Lower The Anxiety

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Tips To Lower The Anxiety

Anxiety or any emotional stress for that matter can destroy the body over time.  Say for instance the upcoming holiday season that is upon us.  This can be a time often filled with some sort of emotional stress that can last for the day or months after the initial episode.  The choice is up to you.

Take Away The Anxiety

Any anxiety that you encounter alters every function in the body.  How so?  The central nerve system controls regulates and coordinates all actions and all behaviors that you experience.  Have you ever had “Butterflies In the Stomach” before?  It’s not that we are walking around swallowing a bunch of butterflies.  A specific part of the central nerve system called the pre-frontal cortex is responsible for such actions.  Now, imagine if there is a disconnect from what the pre-frontal cortex communicates to the rest of the body due to an altered thought process.  As a direct result every cell in the body is dysfunctional.

Positive Attitude

Having a positive mindset is a top priority to maintaining your quality of life.  Staying positive like a proton goes a long way.  While staying positive can help you “feel” better, only your nerve system can allow you to heal from a stressor.  Having a positive mindset comes with fueling the body in a correct manner.

Lifestyle Habits To Combat Anxiety

Relieving anxiety starts with making sure your nerve system is properly connected.  Without this, everything else can fall to the wayside.  This can start with you by working on your own spinal alignment, its called posture!  Having correct posture “segways” into exercise.  Proper posture is hard to do, and guess what?  It’s actually an exercise you can do every single day of your life.  Sure, you have to incorporate other exercises such as walking, running, yoga, weight-lifting, or whatever suites your fancy.  Diet is a necessary component as well.  Re-charge with  substantial nutrients that incorporates a well balanced diet.


How To Beat Chronic Inflammation

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How To Beat Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation giving you a run for your health?  Address the cause of the inflammation at the root regardless of obstacles in your way.  Inflammation is a very strategic part of the body helping to defend itself.  Seen as a positive factor that your body initiates to combat.  Certain times the bodies immune system will call to action a defense in order to adapt.  Certain times is used very loosely, as becoming chronic means dysfunction within the body.

The Tissue Cell Versus Inflammation

Cells are the building blocks of life and specifically speaking the tissue cell is the master of all cells.  The tissue cell is at the center of development and thus maintaining our ability to be who we are.  Your bodies inability to adapt to stressors in your environment in the tissue cell creates chronic inflammation.  The tissue cell is regulated, controlled, and coordinated via your central nerve system.  Addressing the cause of something is looking specifically towards the nerve system first.

A Sign & Symptom

Any sign and symptom your body throws your way is initially a positive thing.  Yes, initially it might be burdensome and not really “fun” to experience.  Your body is attempting to adapt and to heal from some sort of stressor placed on it.  When a sign and symptom appears even before you realize it, inflammation has begun.  Your body begins to work harder and faster than it needs to in order to survive and adapt.

Consistency Is The Magic Bean

Everything takes time.  The body is no different, in that in order to obtain optimal function you have to be willing to give it time.  If your body is under constant stress and never “getting” over something, then your basically bordering on insanity.  Regular check-ups to access how your nerve system is functioning allows your body to adapt.  By stimulating the nerve system your body is properly coordinated and enables the tissue cell to decrease the chronic stress response.


The Effects Of Physical Stress On The Body

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The Effects Of Physical Stress On The Body

The effects of physical stress on the body is one of the most detrimental factors associated with someones health and well-being.  Long-standing physical stress that goes uncorrected distorts the spinal column which protects the most important system in your entire body, the central nerve system.  Remember that the body is an entire unit.  For example if someone has a sprained ankle, the sprained ankle is not the only part of the body that suffers.

The Superhighway Of The Body

The stress that  we undergo is different for everybody.  This can include sitting down for extended periods of time, sports, looking at a screen all day, and the list goes on.  If the physical stress is a daily routine you are never giving your body proper time to heal and adapt.  Thus distorting your bodies entire bio-mechanics wreaking havoc on your spinal column.  A subluxation what chiropractors are trained to located and adjust if necessary will wreak havoc on your superhighway (central nerve system).  A subluxation is often created when the body is placed under physical stress for a period of time.

Reconnect From Physical Stress

Physical stress distorting your bodies ability to function disconnects the superhighways ability to be constantly be operating at 100%.  You need a physical solution to help fix a physical problem that your body is encountering.  Specific adjustments reconnect the body superhighway by removing subluxations thus allowing your body to heal.  To go after the true cause of your stress, look towards the spine first.  By influencing the central nerve system the effects of stress do not have to be as detrimental.  Your quality of healing from stress is directly proportional to the capacity of the central nerve system.  Remember the central nerve system regulate’s and control all aspects of the healing phase.

Ache In The Headache

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Ache In The Headache

What is the ache in the word headache?  Debilitating headaches are a top category why people seek chiropractic care.  But, what really is the ache during a headache?  Let’s break some headache’s down with their known causes and effects.  Then let’s find out why the number one cause of headaches is nerve dysfunction created by a subluxation.

Common Cause & Effect Headaches

First type of headache is associated with some sort of blunt trauma to your head.  Playing baseball and you are up to bat and the ball hits your helmet, thus resulting in headache.  Another common headache is overindulging in drinking one night, thus resulting in waking up with a headache (or commonly known as a hangover).  Migraine headaches are another common form.  Migraine headaches are chemical imbalances resulting in thyroid gland dysfunction.  Poor thyroid function resulting in migraine headaches (nerve related as well).  Changing prescriptions for your eyes can also create imbalances thus resulting in headaches.

Back To The Ache

Ache is typically used to describe some sort of muscle tension or imbalance.  Ache is collectively associated with other verbs such as  dull, throbbing, tension, and knots.  These words are used to describe the musculoskeletal system which is constantly working by providing stability to fight gravity everyday!  Muscle tension is what we “feel” when a headache manifests into a problem.

The Subluxation

Nerve irritation is the number one reason for a headache.  The most common type of headache is associated with nerve dysfunction.  Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are all controlled via your nerve system.  When a subluxation is present within your body, you cannot express your fullest potential.  A subluxation creates dysfunction not only on one nerve but within the entire central nerve system.  Communication to your body is interrupted due to your subluxation, thus resulting in your body giving you a sign and symptom.