The Effects Of Physical Stress On The Body

By November 10, 2016 January 17th, 2018 Benefits of Chiropractic, Ear Infections

The Effects Of Physical Stress On The Body

The effects of physical stress on the body is one of the most detrimental factors associated with someones health and well-being.  Long-standing physical stress that goes uncorrected distorts the spinal column which protects the most important system in your entire body, the central nerve system.  Remember that the body is an entire unit.  For example if someone has a sprained ankle, the sprained ankle is not the only part of the body that suffers.

The Superhighway Of The Body

The stress that  we undergo is different for everybody.  This can include sitting down for extended periods of time, sports, looking at a screen all day, and the list goes on.  If the physical stress is a daily routine you are never giving your body proper time to heal and adapt.  Thus distorting your bodies entire bio-mechanics wreaking havoc on your spinal column.  A subluxation what chiropractors are trained to located and adjust if necessary will wreak havoc on your superhighway (central nerve system).  A subluxation is often created when the body is placed under physical stress for a period of time.

Reconnect From Physical Stress

Physical stress distorting your bodies ability to function disconnects the superhighways ability to be constantly be operating at 100%.  You need a physical solution to help fix a physical problem that your body is encountering.  Specific adjustments reconnect the body superhighway by removing subluxations thus allowing your body to heal.  To go after the true cause of your stress, look towards the spine first.  By influencing the central nerve system the effects of stress do not have to be as detrimental.  Your quality of healing from stress is directly proportional to the capacity of the central nerve system.  Remember the central nerve system regulate’s and control all aspects of the healing phase.