Dr. C. Claude Basler

From a young age, Dr. Basler saw firsthand the positive effect chiropractic care has on one’s health and well being as his father and uncle are Chiropractors. Following in his families’ footsteps, Dr. Basler graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2013.

Speaking to Dr. Basler’s work ethic are his past accomplishments of receiving a full ride scholarship to play football and fulfill his undergraduate degree. There, his leadership capabilities were confirmed as he was awarded captain and led his team to a championship bowl game. Further, his post bachelor’s education was busy as Dr. Basler filled his time with additional practicums, work study and clubs to further his experience and knowledge of the field. Monumenting his education at Palmer College was a rare opportunity he was fortunate to be selected  to complete his final clinical rotation at Koca Chiropractic Clinic located in Omaha, Nebraska. Under the prominent chiropractic leader, Dr. Lyle Koca as well as Dr. Matthew Francoeur and Dr. Michael Price, Dr. Basler immensely expanded his understanding.

Dr. Basler married his high school sweetheart, Alisha in 2012 and has since welcomed four beautiful children into the family.  Vivienne 2014, Crue 2016, CC 2017, and Vietta 2020. Dr. Basler and Alisha are both from Michigan and moved to Montana in 2013 after a summer road trip for which they fell in love with the Flathead Valley. Alisha and the children are frequent visitors to the office and look forward to meeting you as we help to make this the Healthiest place in Montana to LIVE!

Dr. Erik Lund

Dr. Lund hails from a small town in Western Washington, where he grew up in a Christ-loving family. Throughout his childhood and young adult life, Dr. Lund has always been passionate about athletics. In fact, it was through that passion that Dr. Lund was introduced to the benefits of constant Chiropractic care. Although his first few visits were due to back injuries resulting in chronic pain, he quickly developed a high appreciation for chiropractic and its capabilities beyond pain relief.

Dr. Lund’s competitive nature brought him to Southern California where he played collegiate football while studying Exercise Science at Azusa Pacific University. Through college, Dr. Lund took on personal clients, assisting them with their health, pain-relief, and lifestyle habits. This experience led him to the discovery of his passion for health and wellness. With endless encouragement from his hometown chiropractor, he decided to join the best profession and attended Palmer College of Chiropractic. He was honored with the experience of becoming a Troxell Intern, the largest chiropractic internship program in the nation through the mentorship of Dr. Josh Lawlor. With great expectations and determination, Dr. Lund graduated with academic honors and Magna Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Iowa in 2019.

Dr. Lund married his high school sweetheart, Signe, in 2016 and together they have a German Shepard, Kimber. Dr. Lund and his wife moved to Kalispell to fulfill Dr. Lund’s final clinical rotation at Basler Family Chiropractic through the mentorship of Dr. Basler. Upon completion, Dr. Lund was honored to be offered to join the team as Basler’s first ever associate doctor, and he graciously accepted. Both Dr. Lund and Signe have a passion to serve the Flathead Valley and help make this the healthiest place in Montana to LIVE.

The Basler Chiropractic Team

Katrina Woods

Katrina is a born and raised Montanan stemming from the Electric City of Great Falls.  She is passionate about conservation and sustainability. As a wilderness advocate, she enjoys spending her time hiking, biking, kayaking, and basically anything that has to do with appreciating the outside world. Working as a CA for Basler Family Chiropractic has taught her the importance of keeping the CNS in check so that the immune system functions properly, meaning she doesn’t have to slow down for anything. Being surrounded by knowledge of health and wellness and with a family-based environment Katrina feels right at home.

Alexis Ford

Alexis was born and raised here in the Flathead. Though she grew up in the Valley, she is no stranger to the west coast. Having moved to Alaska and Santa Cruz as a young adult she spent her time exploring the beautiful coastline and integrating her life with the local culture wherever she lived. Alexis comes from a medical background, as a CNA/ Phlebotomist working for the local hospital, Alexis appreciates patient care and health restoration. Since she started working for Basler Family Chiropractic, she has learned that holistic healing is far more beneficial for the human body then western medicine. When Alexis is not with her office family, she spends most of her time with her spouse Swayne and their son, Gus, and daughter, Jemma. If you don’t catch them in the office, you’ll catch them at any local farmers market or on the river!

Jan Harness

Jan is a proud fourth generation Flathead native.  She has spent over 18 years in a Chiropractic office and has loved every opportunity to help our community!  “Granni” has seven grandchildren, you might even have an opportunity to see 3 of them in the office, after their adjustment of course.  Jan is an inspiration to this office.  You will usually find her in the billing office or occasionally out playing with the kids or visiting with practice members.  Every day she is able to see the rewards of Chiropractic care.  She loves the family atmosphere at Basler Family Chiropractic and strives to help create positive memories for our practice members that come through our Chiropractic office.

Michaella Kitzmiller

Michaela was born and raised in a small town in South Texas. Being a transplant to Montana she has learned to love the great outdoors more than ever before. She loves being in the woods, at the lake and spending time with family and friends. Before Basler Family Chiropractic she worked for a company in Bristol Bay, Alaska near the Bearing Sea for half of 2019. Chiropractic has always been a huge part in her life due to her asthma.  Every day she is able to feel the relief that Chiropractic care has given her. From the employees to patients she loves the family atmosphere at Basler Family Chiropractic.

I was nervous about having someone mess with my back/nerve system. However after bringing my child to Basler's, the professional and attention to care my child received and I as the parent, I made an appointment for myself. Their attention to detail, atmosphere, respect and professionalism is outstanding and above others. I would highly recommend Basler Family Chiropractor to anyone.

John H.

Claude is Awesome! Super professional but also has helped me tremendously to better understand my spine and how the healing process works so that I can really truly have faith in what we are doing.

Brendan L.

Dr. Basler is the absolute best chiropractor I have ever been to. I've had seizures for 25 yrs. and since working with Dr. B., I haven't had one in 9 months. His business acumen is excellent. He has a great facility, and a wonderful staff.

Gary K.