What to Expect

New Patient? Welcome!

Whether you are new patient to chiropractic or to Basler Family Chiropractic, it is our desire to make you feel relaxed and at ease.  At Basler Family Chiropractic you will find the stigma of a doctor is nowhere to be found.  We understand that visiting a doctor’s office for the first time can be quite overwhelming.  We will take the necessary steps to ensure you are greeted with a warm welcome and that you are our guest every time you visit Basler Family Chiropractic. At Basler Family Chiropractic we use state-of-the-art technology in assessing each practice member to find the precise location of the CAUSE of your health problem. With this being said, we want to make sure that you know EXACTLY what to expect so we have decided to break down what to expect in six steps.

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New Patient Forms

Our front desk staff will take your paperwork and ask any further details that need to be discussed. Our staff will then take you to the exam room where the doctor will first meet with you to begin the consultation and exam, which includes many aspects, but with three main categories.

Initial Consultation

At Basler Family Chiropractic the doctors will go over your history with you in regards to your current and past health challenges, if any. Second, we will spend time explaining how chiropractic wellness care works, and thirdly how things are done in our office. We take the time to go through the paperwork in detail with you.

Chiropractic Examination

We will perform a complete and comprehensive chiropractic wellness examination that will test your reflexes and range of motion, as well as many standard neurological, orthopedic, postural, and physical examinations. The major emphasis of our initial exam is to utilize our specific scientific neurological assessment to evaluate your spine and central nervous system, determine how it is functioning, and find where the stress and challenges are that will need to be addressed.


X-rays provide us with an objective diagnostic tool that will show us the position of the spinal bones, as well as the quality of the spine and safety of adjusting (when applicable, most times this is not needed in pediatric cases and pregnancy). At Basler Family Chiropractic X-rays provide an essential tool for adjusting technique. We also use X-rays to determine how long a subluxation has been developing.

Doctor's Report

On your 2nd visit the cause of your current condition will be discussed. At which point we will share the results that we found with you. We strongly encourage your family to accompany you, if you choose. Your Doctors Reports includes a detailed analysis of what you need in order to solve the problem that brought you into our office and what can be done in order to assure that it won’t happen again. This is also the time where you have the freedom to ask any and all questions you may have.

Your Plan of Health

After your Doctor's Reports the doctor will perform a very specific adjustment using their hands and start you on your plan of health. Your adjustments will be given by the doctor, then anything else done during that visit will depend on the doctor’s recommendations. Every part of the care in our office contributes to the process designed to restore your health and wellness. Your God-Given Potential Is Our Priority!