Our Chiropractic Mission

Our mission first and foremost at Basler Family Chiropractic is to serve God and the people He created through specific Gonstead Chiropractic care. Being Kalispell Chiropractors we want Kalispell and the Flathead Community to be the healthiest place to live for our children and families.  As family Chiropractors we are committed to seeing the next generation of children being raised healthier than the past few generations by providing specific Gonstead Chiropractic health care.  Raising the value of specific health in our community as Gonstead Chiropractors it is our passion and our commitment as an office to serve you, your family and the next generation to come.

Kalispell Chiropractor Health Care

The purpose as a Kalispell chiropractor is to assist people in Kalispell, Montana and the Flathead Community in gaining victory over health by offering cutting-edge chiropractic care that is personalized and specific to everyone we meet.  As a specific chiropractor we utilize the Gonstead technique which allows precision and accuracy during your health care.  Being a Kalispell chiropractor we focus specifically on the nerve system, which is the master controller of your entire body.  A healthy nerve system is the foundation for a healthy life. As the world gets sicker, your life can get healthier, and we are confident that what we offer you at our facility will help you develop a foundation for your health going forward. To set people free from their current health conditions or enhance their current quality of life so they may live their lives to their fullest potential, like God intended. We have to make actions that not only effect us today but actions that project a future free of obstacles.  We can provide the opportunity for you and your family to take the actions and sustain the life you have always envisioned!

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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • Amazing place!!! The staff is amazing and super easy to work with! I have a schedule that is chaotic at best and they have always been super accommodating... read more

    Jez Kenzy Avatar Jez Kenzy
    March 19, 2021
  • I’ve been going to Basler Family Chiropractic for about 6 months now and am very pleased every time I go in. The front desk staff is so friendly and welcoming... read more

    Megan Castaneda Avatar Megan Castaneda
    March 16, 2021
  • We love Basler Chiropractic! I started seeing Dr. Basler when I was 30 weeks pregnant and experiencing crippling back pain and headaches that were leaving me bed ridden for days... read more

    Amanda Belleville Avatar Amanda Belleville
    February 26, 2021
  • I started going to Dr. B due to some neck, hip, and lower back pain. I was really impressed by the time and effort the staff put into my initial... read more

    Crystal Kaiser Avatar Crystal Kaiser
    February 26, 2021
  • I've never had such amazing and detailed chiropractic care before walking in the doors of Basler Chiropractic. I love their use of technology and I learn something new every time... read more

    Brandy Burke Avatar Brandy Burke
    January 18, 2021