Ache In The Headache

By October 11, 2016 January 17th, 2018 ADHD, Benefits of Chiropractic

Ache In The Headache

What is the ache in the word headache?  Debilitating headaches are a top category why people seek chiropractic care.  But, what really is the ache during a headache?  Let’s break some headache’s down with their known causes and effects.  Then let’s find out why the number one cause of headaches is nerve dysfunction created by a subluxation.

Common Cause & Effect Headaches

First type of headache is associated with some sort of blunt trauma to your head.  Playing baseball and you are up to bat and the ball hits your helmet, thus resulting in headache.  Another common headache is overindulging in drinking one night, thus resulting in waking up with a headache (or commonly known as a hangover).  Migraine headaches are another common form.  Migraine headaches are chemical imbalances resulting in thyroid gland dysfunction.  Poor thyroid function resulting in migraine headaches (nerve related as well).  Changing prescriptions for your eyes can also create imbalances thus resulting in headaches.

Back To The Ache

Ache is typically used to describe some sort of muscle tension or imbalance.  Ache is collectively associated with other verbs such as  dull, throbbing, tension, and knots.  These words are used to describe the musculoskeletal system which is constantly working by providing stability to fight gravity everyday!  Muscle tension is what we “feel” when a headache manifests into a problem.

The Subluxation

Nerve irritation is the number one reason for a headache.  The most common type of headache is associated with nerve dysfunction.  Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are all controlled via your nerve system.  When a subluxation is present within your body, you cannot express your fullest potential.  A subluxation creates dysfunction not only on one nerve but within the entire central nerve system.  Communication to your body is interrupted due to your subluxation, thus resulting in your body giving you a sign and symptom.