How Long Should I Go?

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Have you ever realized that in order for you to obtain what you want, time may be available yet the choices become the biggest obstacle? Think hard, we all may have the same amount of time. We just make different choices. If you capitalize on your choices then time is on your side.

We all have that friend who is waiting for something new, thinking that the grass is always greener on the on the other side. They are always on the latest diet, the newest wonder food that shrinks fat away instantly, or the newest book on how to manage stress. While this might sound appealing, it often leads to life on a roller coaster.

How long should I go for Chiropractic care? We get asked this quite often. And the answer really comes down to what you want out of it. If you are looking for a holistic approach to health care that does not require you to take lotions, potions, and pills, then sticking it out for the long haul might be your call. If you want the “one and done,” sure we can help, yet think about what is actually happening. A good chunk of people only eat good food only when they are sick.

If you can conceptualize that daily your body is under constant repair to maintain a functioning system, and this processing of information is coordinated via your central nerve system; you might think about sticking it out. Understand that your body is intelligent and thrives on function over feeling. When the spinal column is aligned you are designed to “form”. Form determines your function, and with a spine in proper alignment you move better, last longer, and transmit better nerve flow than with a spine that is subluxated.

We ask that you make the choices to give us the time. Without the time, much can be lost. Your body is the biggest investment that you will ever make in your life, don’t abuse it.

Motion Is Lotion

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After receiving a chiropractic adjustment, some assume the patient needs to “hold” their adjustment. “Holding” theorizes the spinal bone has been properly placed in the correct position and the Chiropractor has cured all imperfections for life! While this is flattering to the Chiropractor it has no basis in truth. Here’s an analogy: George went to the gym once and was instantly granted six pack abs. They lasted until his second helping of potato chips, which deflated his six pack back to flab. See what we mean?!

Think of what a chiropractic adjustment is: a low amplitude force into a specific subluxated section of your spinal column (misalignment creating undo dysfunction within the central nerve system to a specific motor segment). This   creates an imbalance within the entire framework of your body. An adjustment is specific MOVEMENT. In order for you to retain what your Chiropractor has done, you need movement in your body afterwards. Motion is lotion!

One of the best things to do after an adjustment is walking! Walking will help mechanically correct the spine, allowing it to settle in by triggering the cerebellum in the brain. This begins to activate the muscles in the right firing sequence. Walking improves the balance of the central nerve system by creating an accurate reality of how the body is supposed to move. Walking will also  decrease inflammation from the impacted spinal nerve by establishing the correct movement pattern. Specific motion builds on more motion. Don’t like   walking? Running, swimming, biking, or any form of movement will stimulate a healthy response.

The theory of “holding” an adjustment doesn’t mean you have to sit down and wear plastic bubble wrap in the event of something bad happening. Your body will become more apt to “hold” correct spinal alignments through regular adjustments. This works in tandem with you performing your daily activities, and making sure you get enough movement to support your regular care.  

Stop Waiting For A Problem: Be Proactive

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Did you know that for several decades the top causes of death in the United States are often associated with a “disease” that takes years to often give you its first symptom? Take heart disease for example, the leading cause of death in the United States. Leading variables that fall under this category are: congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, cardiac arrest, stroke. The first symptom that some of these diseases produce are death itself.

Many people will judge their health based on how they feel. Perhaps not such an accurate measure when sometimes the first symptom can be death itself. Feeling “good” is a major plus in our day to day lives. How the body is functioning is a major component of Chiropractic. We are determined to make sure your central nerve system is functioning optimally to promote a life of health and abundance. The central nerve system gives life to all other systems and components of your body to be in tune with itself. Without overthinking the analogy, think of your central nerve system as the battery to your truck, without your battery, the truck is not going to turn ‘on’.

Being proactive with your health is a daily occurance. You need to weigh the positive over the negative effects to create a continual balance of success. With regular Chiropractic check-ups you can ensure that your central nerve system will be in its top form to perceive and handle any external stimulus throughout your day that will attempt to impact you negatively.

Most patients think if they are symptom-free that they are healthy. However,  just because you are not sick does not mean you are healthy. Of note here, changing the perception to being healthy by being proactive in your daily well being instead of waiting for a problem to arise speaks volumes. Think of this saying, “Going to the Chiropractor only when you are in ‘pain’ is like only eating healthy food only when you get sick.”

When Should A Child Begin Chiropractic Care?

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When should a child begin Chiropractic care? Right away. That just about sums up the question. Why? Do you remember what birth was like…and the answer should be no. The first AMAZING physical stressor that we ALL experience in life is birth. Making sure the nerve system is free of interference after birth can set the child up for a healthy road, opposed to a complicated road riddled with chronic illness. Unfortunately, the numbers are not adding up for our children, and now, for this generation, our kids have a lower life expectancy than us.

·  1 in 2.5 children have an allergy

·  1 in 6 children have a developmental disability

·  1 in 9 children have ADHD

The rise of autoimmune disorders is not stopping. The child’s immune system is under constant bombardment with our false intuition that we need to suppress symptoms and destroy acute illnesses. Rather than blame the immune system, focus on the central nerve system which regulates the immune systems potential. Our specialty as chiropractors is to restore the normal communication of the central nerve system through very specific adjustments over a period of time. We are removing the biggest stressor to health: a subluxated nerve system. By adjusting the spinal column, we are restoring that state of ease which allows your child to better adapt to the stressors to be dealt with in daily life.

Kids chiropractic is safe and effective and is not new! Our misconception is that Chiropractic care is for middle-aged men who “throw” their back out taking out the trash. This is the farthest thing from the truth. You wouldn’t wait to give your children healthy substantial food until their middle-ages or take them to the dentist only when their tooth hurts.

Instead of living a symptom suppressing lifestyle which is the common norm now a days, why not introduce a lifestyle of prevention and health. By focusing on the central nerve system to make sure subluxations are clear the body learns a valuable process which it builds on for the long road ahead of life. “Give me a medicine to produce a fever, and I can cure any disease” – Hippocrates. 

Consistency Is The Magic Bean

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In life the only way to see consistent results is to remain consistent. If you want to become “better” at something you need to maintain consistent practice. Learn to play a musical instrument, throw a curve ball, utilize a new language, in order to become “better” requires practice. Your overall health and well-being are no different in this matter. The positive news is that we were born to be healthy and function optimally during our course of life even though stress occurs and takes a toll on the body. This stress negatively impacts our health and ability to function in the state that we want. In order to maintain or change your outlook in health takes…practice.

Instead of waiting for sickness or disease to strike you like our current model of health employs, why not be consistently practicing good health? “We need to change our disease care system into a health care system” – Dr. Frank Lipman.

Chiropractic care employs a model of health and vitality. The Chiropractors responsibility is to get the sick well and to keep the well…well! Chiropractors are trained to access and detect subluxations (misalignment’s in the spinal column) that place undo stress upon a single nerve fiber thus creating a medley of health problems. The reason for this is that your central nerve system is the master control system, without it fully functioning and in an ideal state of harmony, the body cannot fully function.

Contrary to popular belief there is no such thing as a “magic” Chiropractic adjustment. Yep, that’s right. Being healthy is no different than anything else in life. It requires consistency to achieve and maintain a healthy central nerve system. When should you start to take care of your spine? Right away! Once again taking care of your spine is no different than anything else in life. Do we wait to introduce vegetables and fruit to our children until they 40 years old? Do we tell our children to stay inside and sit down all the time and not enjoy physical activity? Taking care of the central nerve system to ensure proper health and vitality begins right away! It’s about being consistent with every other facet in life. 

We Can Help You With That

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We Can Help You With That

We can help you with that.  Help with what?  Your bodies overall functionality.  People say that  “Chiropractors think they can cure anything.”  There is truth and misguided information in this statement.  First, your Chiropractor should be teaching you why and how they can help the body.  Second, the word cure is thrown around way to loosely and should not be used in chiropractic care. Understand the major premise to understand your Chiropractors thought process.

The Major Premise

Scientifically we understand that the brain and spinal cord, collectively called the central nerve system (CNS) regulates, controls, and even made every system and part of you. When a nerve exiting out of the spinal column has stress placed on it, immediately the nerve deviates off of normal tone. The organs, cells, and tissues that the nerve supplies will as a result begin to become hyper or hypo, thus damaging the body.  This “major premise” is not just recognized by Chiropractors. It is no different than what medical doctors have been taught in basic physiology.  The difference however, begins in treating the damaged organ and addressing the cause which controls, and coordinates the organ to help the body adapt and function properly.

Chiropractic Enables Your Body To Adapt

Chiropractic does not treat, nor cure the body. When a Chiropractor adjusts a specific area that is placing undo stress on a specific nerve the body immediately begins to release adaptive forces. Meaning? You begin to heal yourself. This once again is not a new “made up concept.” People are demanding more natural and effective forms of healthcare. You’d be amazed with what wellness and regular chiropractic care can do to enhance your health and performance. If your lifestyle does not include specific spinal healthcare, your body cannot function efficiently.​ By eliminating stress on the CNS you will have a positive impact on your ability to adapt and function. #getchecked

Chronic Ear Infections: Covering Up Or Healing

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When the word chronic is used to describe a health condition that you have, typically 10 out of 10 times it will be a bad thing.  Why?  Well, first of all you do not hear people saying “I am chronically healthy!”  Many mothers who bring their children into our office for chronic ear infections typically do so as a last resort.  We think that chiropractic care is only for backaches…which is an absolute lie and false information.  Chiropractors are trained experts in the detection and adjustment of vertebral subluxations.  Vertebral subluxations cause chronic ear infections.  What is a vertebral subluxation?  Let’s continue!

The Actual Cause Of Chronic Ear Infections

The actual cause of all dysfunction in the human body, such as an ear infection, is vertebral subluxations.  The vertebral subluxation represents all physical disease in the body.  How and why?  A vertebral subluxation limits the body from adapting and healing.  It places undo stress and tension on the central nerve system, which controls all life.  This then restricts all messages sent throughout the body, or in this case, the inner ear.  When the central nerve system is limited by what it can do, in-coordination occurs within the body.  In-coordination will cause neglect of tissue cells, resulting in symptoms such as ear infections.

Cover It Up Or Help It Heal?

The primary function of the body is to use all parts in harmony to maintain health.  Constant movement in the inner ear allows the Eustachian tubes to function properly by draining.  A vertebral subluxation does not allow the Eustachian tubes to drain due to a disconnection between the brain and the inner ear.  It is that simple.  Covering up chronic ear infections with medication does not allow healing to happen.  Hence, the use of the word chronic.  Keep health simple and keep it straight. If you want more information or more specifics backed up with our research all you have to do is ask.  #getchecked


Proper Body Function

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Proper Body Function

Proper body function.  What does that statement mean to you?  Function is defined as ” an activity or purpose natural to or intended for a person or thing.”  Function is the way that you express your life to your fullest potential, without any limitations.  People that seek chiropractic care are doing this to have proper body function on a day to day basis.  Nothing is more frustrating than a quality of life that has limitations and restrictions on daily functions.  Awareness of body function is fundamental to understanding health and the possibilities that everyone has to obtain.

What Proper Body Function Is Not

Proper body function does not come in the form of a pill.  You cannot expect that taking something to cover up a sign or symptom is the ultimate way to express your function.  Function does not come in the form of a lotion or potion that has to be regularly applied.  Function does not come in the form of surgery or taking something away from your body unnecessarily.  We do realize, and accept, that at certain times maybe one of these variables might be necessary.  Major traumas, accidents, and injuries do occur in life.  If you’re always going to rely on a crutch at least make sure you have explored all options before doing so.

What It Is

Proper body function is allowing your body to heal and overcome obstacles in your way, which is the greatest natural force that we all have.  It’s time to get off the medical system and to take care of yourself.  Chiropractic care allows you to express life without limitations and without having to add something artificially to your body.  Chiropractic restores your life by making sure your central nerve system is properly functioning, which in turn enables everything in your body to be sufficient.  Everything that you do in life is expressed through your nerve system, chiropractic keeps that nerve system connected and healthy with specific adjustments.  Chiropractic does not take anything away from your body nor does it supplement it.  The original beauty of your body is that it is a self-sustainable organism, it knows what to do!  With specific regular adjustments your body has no other option but to maintain proper body function.

The Immune System Vs The Flu

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The Immune System Vs The Flu

That time of the year is already upon us as we get ready for the upcoming holidays.  When we get to challenge our immune system and see how our body handles the constant bombardment of The Flu!  Remember the flu is not an actual season, it can happen or occur at any time of the year (for the sake of this blog we will keep it intact that it’s an actual season).  The immune system regulates and controls a vast array of organs, tissues, glands, and cells to make up what we know as the immune system.  We often overlook the immune system and only recognize its inabilities when we become sick.  The immune system is constantly running, thriving, and upgrading every single day.  Your body is constantly exposed to new pathogens (invaders to the body) and it’s the immune systems responsibility on how you perceive and interpret this data.  When The Flu strikes your body, you begin to have signs and symptoms.

Signs and symptoms that your immune system is compromised from the flu are far from in between.  You could feel sluggish, run down, develop a cough, sneezing, fever, chest congestion, diarrhea, etc.  The flu is not just one symptom that your body shows, but rather a bunch of signs and symptoms put together.  When your immune system is compromised and you develop a sign and symptom your body should fight and defend itself for 1-2 days and then restore normal function.  You should not be sick for weeks at a time or longer than 3 days, if this is the case then your body is taking a little longer than expected.  Why would that be the case?  Possibly due to a dysfunctional nerve system leading to an unhealthy immune system!  What if you are constantly getting sick over and over again? Again, possibly due to a dysfunctional nerve system leading to an unhealthy immune system!

Subluxations occur within the spine which create a central nerve system DYSFUNCTION.  Subluxations are what chiropractors are trained to find and adjust.  Imagine a subluxation as being a downed power line, it’s a dangerous situation to be in. Power is still being transmitted but is not sending and receiving the proper information.  A subluxation still allows the nerve to send messages, but not too its full potential nor to the right amount.  This in time will lead to a depressed immunity which inhibits your true potential on how you respond to the flu or any pathogen for that matter.  Your nerve system regulates and controls all other systems within the body.  The immune system is not overlooked, if at the first sign of the flu you jump to use medication you are losing the fight.  By just masking signs and symptoms with medication you never realize the potential that your immune system can have.  Proper health begins with a healthy functioning nerve system.  Get your nerves checked to allow you to fight the healthy battle.



Healthy Kids Education

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Healthy Kids Education

Healthy kids education?  Healthy kids is what each parent wants and looks to achieve during their lifespan.  When we think of healthy kids our first thought is typically free of disease and symptoms.  Unfortunately, this is not the case for the growing trend in our society.  As a chiropractor I come under the title of doctor, my mentors and schooling taught me that doctor means “teacher”.  It is our responsibility to inform and educate about why you see a chiropractor and the endless health choices that come under specific chiropractic care.  One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine – Sir William Osler.  When it comes to health we have been masked to believe that it comes in the form of a lotion, pill or needle.  Our body was not designed to process artificial stimulation on a continual basis, it is not the natural order.  The body was designed to heal on its own accord and it takes time to heal.

To impact our society we need to focus on the kids.  Healthy kids begins with the upbringing, foundation of healthy eating, regular exercise, and positive emotional stimulation.  When it comes to their overall well-being and health related issues, chiropractors are primary health care doctors.  The first physical trauma that we all experience is birth, regardless of how amazing it is, it is still traumatic.  Right then you should be wanting your child checked to make sure that their nerve system is properly functioning.  Nerves and chiropractic, the two words go hand in hand.  Chiropractors are nerve system specialists who remove interference in the body by specifically adjusting subluxations.  A subluxation occurs when stress is placed on a spinal nerve, thus in turn creating dysfunction within the body.

Healthy kids start with a healthy functioning nerve system.  All processes that begin with signs and symptoms have an origin, a malfunctioning nerve system.  Think of some common childhood health problems: ear infections, colic, constipation, colds, etc.  If the immune system is compromised then the nerve system controlling this has to be compromised to an extent.  So, what do we do if our kids have signs and symptoms?  Get their nerve system checked!  Want to boost their immune system the natural way?  Want to help strengthen their immunity and potentially reduce the incidence of general illness?  No drugs required!  Regular chiropractic adjustments to ensure their optimal potential leads to healthy kids!