Understanding Pain & Punching Walls

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Understanding Pain & Punching Walls

Well, now that we have some attention let’s break down understanding pain & punching walls.  First understanding pain and what it is and what it is not.  Pain is subjective.  What one person feels is completely different than somebody else.  Females have a higher pain threshold than males.  Yes, that is true.  Females ability to cope with pain is actually a bad thing.  Why?  Perceiving that once pain is gone you are healthy is the BIGGEST flaw.  Yes, chiropractors can get you out of pain.  Yes, it does not mean you are better.  Understand why.

Understanding Pain By Punching A Wall

Now, don’t try this at home.  Once you punch a wall your body should want to do two things (besides yelling).  The reason we want to do these two things is because it allows adrenaline and endorphin’s to finally kick on.  These are not in any particular order.  The goal of these two actions is to relieve yourself of pain.

  1. Punch a wall and you will want to immediately start shaking the hand as fast as possible.  Reason being to block mechanoreceptors (sensation feeling computers) from being transmitted that you just punched a wall.
  2. Punch a wall and you will want to immediately put your other hand over your knuckles.  Reason being to block and dampen the mechanoreceptors from being able to transmit pin point accuracy of pain.

Both of these tactics work try by block the pain messages by incorporating or limiting proprioception…movement.

Understanding Pain & Chiropractic

After getting out of pain with your hand what is left.  For starters, you will have limited range of motion, decreased sensation, poor grip strength, deep tissue bleeding, inflammation, and maybe even a broken bone.  Guess your better though!?  When visiting your chiropractor, don’t just visit for pain. If you only come in for pain care you will never experience the true benefits of what chiropractic can actually do for you.  Once a chiropractor get’s your body out pain that is when you continue care to actually HEAL.  Chiropractic is not designed for a hospital setting it is designed for lifetime healthcare.