Know Us Before You Need Us…The Misconception About Chiropractic

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Know Us Before You Need Us…The Misconception About Chiropractic

The First Truths

Blurred lines create the biggest misconceptions of what Chiropractic actually is.  To set the record straight the very first recorded adjustment in 1895 in Davenport, Iowa was not for lower back pain or a headache.  The first recorded adjustment in fact enabled a deaf individual to restore his hearing.  Thus Chiropractic was born.  Looking toward the spine for all disease in the body was NOT something new.  Hippocrates, The Father Of Medicine, stated, “Look Well To The Spine For The Cause Of Disease.”  Even American Indian hieroglyphics demonstrated ‘back-walking’.  The sick would lie down and have their spines manipulated by the feet of others.

Blurred Lines Create The Misconception

The age of insurance creates and sets new demands.  With the age of insurance beginning in the mid 1990’s there became an alarming rate of what they called “musculoskeletal pain.”  One might say this was due to the changing lifestyle of desk jobs, diet, or just an accumulation of not taking care of ourselves.  Either way, insurance companies started dictating what was necessary for the patient rather than the patient deciding for themselves.  When pain would occur, Chiropractors had great results in helping patients; the insurance companies recognized this and did not like it.  They would rather you get out of pain as fast as possible and never let you HEAL or ADAPT.  The “quick fix” was a growing trend that was not dealing with overall health and well-being.

Education Is The Foundation To Correct The Misconception

Keep in mind that in the mid 1990’s pharmaceutical companies did not have the power they now assume.  A pain reliever drug such as Tylenol was not even invented until the 1950’s and it started out just like all drugs as a prescription first.  There was no such thing as walking to the gas station and buying a pain reliever over the counter.  Regardless, if you use your Chiropractor as an expensive Tylenol, then you will only get Tylenol like results, aka temporary.  Chiropractic is the study, art, and science of getting the sick better and keeping the healthy well.  #getchecked


Keeping Yourself Natural

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We are stoked to provide material for the 406 magazine.  Newest article is out about Keeping Yourself Natural.  Understanding that people will try to sell you health and what to be aware of when in the pursuit of making sure you are healthy.  Fads and trends will always be out there.  Stick to what works.  Read our article on page 54.  Click here for online version.

Chronic Ear Infections: Covering Up Or Healing

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When the word chronic is used to describe a health condition that you have, typically 10 out of 10 times it will be a bad thing.  Why?  Well, first of all you do not hear people saying “I am chronically healthy!”  Many mothers who bring their children into our office for chronic ear infections typically do so as a last resort.  We think that chiropractic care is only for backaches…which is an absolute lie and false information.  Chiropractors are trained experts in the detection and adjustment of vertebral subluxations.  Vertebral subluxations cause chronic ear infections.  What is a vertebral subluxation?  Let’s continue!

The Actual Cause Of Chronic Ear Infections

The actual cause of all dysfunction in the human body, such as an ear infection, is vertebral subluxations.  The vertebral subluxation represents all physical disease in the body.  How and why?  A vertebral subluxation limits the body from adapting and healing.  It places undo stress and tension on the central nerve system, which controls all life.  This then restricts all messages sent throughout the body, or in this case, the inner ear.  When the central nerve system is limited by what it can do, in-coordination occurs within the body.  In-coordination will cause neglect of tissue cells, resulting in symptoms such as ear infections.

Cover It Up Or Help It Heal?

The primary function of the body is to use all parts in harmony to maintain health.  Constant movement in the inner ear allows the Eustachian tubes to function properly by draining.  A vertebral subluxation does not allow the Eustachian tubes to drain due to a disconnection between the brain and the inner ear.  It is that simple.  Covering up chronic ear infections with medication does not allow healing to happen.  Hence, the use of the word chronic.  Keep health simple and keep it straight. If you want more information or more specifics backed up with our research all you have to do is ask.  #getchecked


3 Reasons Tight Muscles Deplete Your Energy

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3 Reasons Tight Muscles Deplete Your Energy

#1 Tight Tight Tight

The first and most obvious reason that tight muscles deplete your energy is because you just got done working out.  This is stating the obvious, yet sometimes is often misunderstood.  Any form of physical fitness is great for the body.  When performing exercise your muscles require energy; it’s give and take.  Just like fueling your car for a long road-trip.  This cause and effect of exercising is to be expected.  With this being said, let’s explore the unknown reasons of tight muscles.

# 2 Spinal Misalignment = Tight Muscles

Spinal misalignments, also called subluxations, exist unknowingly.  This is the same notion as a cavity in your mouth going unnoticed for years.  Subluxations place undue stress on the spinal nerves.  Stress…Who likes to have to stress in their lives?  Just about nobody.  So, imagine a nerve that is supposed to supply your cells with abundance of life happens to be stressed.  This will result in your body working unnecessarily harder and faster in the organs, glands, tissues, and muscles that it supplies.  Working harder uses fuel faster than it should.  Subluxations will deplete energy stores without notice.

# 3 Fighting Gravity Requires Energy

Gravity exists whether you believe it or not.  Newton’s law of universal gravitation acts on our bodies every single day.  The spine is designed primarily to protect the central nervous system (Brain & Spinal Cord) and secondly to keep us upright.  The spine is supposed to be completely straight when visualizing it from face to face with somebody. When a subluxation is present in the spine it places constant stress on the nerves. A healthy spine, free of subluxations, alleviates the stress on the nervous system, which in turn limits your total energy expenditure.  By maintaining your spinal hygiene you are maintaining your overall health and energy at the same time.




What Not To Do During A Fire

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What Not To Do During A Fire

Let’s say that there is a fire in your house.  Would you ignore the fire and just turn the smoke detector off?  Let’s hope not! You wouldn’t focus on the smoke detector when there are bigger problems occurring.  The last thing on your mind during a fire should be the beeping of the smoke detector.  We can use this analogy to compare many cover ups in our health and society.  We often mask what our central nerve system is telling us with the use of cover-ups.

Don’t Touch That Fire!

The “fire”, for the most part, is the one aspect that is typically neglected in our health.  Think of a fire as a particular sign or symptom that your body is trying to tell you about.  When it starts burning we often take an artificial substance to mask the symptom, or “turn off the detector”.  This causes us to perceive that we are fine, when in reality, the “fire” is burning without limits to stop it.  Don’t allow yourself to become comfortable or think that your body is fine just from “turning off the detector”.  The source of the issue(s) in your body are still present.  The true cause is still manifesting and causing dysfunction within your body.

Don’t Mess With Fire…Unless Your Name Is Pyro

Cover-ups, Band-Aids, crutches, etc., are not benefiting your body.  Occasionally there will be a time and place for them such as accidents, injuries, or traumas.  Otherwise, a subluxation is the cause of ALL, not some, physical dysfunctions.  A subluxation is a disconnection from the brain-body highway.  When the body is disconnected, signs and symptoms begin to manifest.  As a direct result, your body will begin to suffer.  Stop turning off the smoke detector, and start addressing the cause of dysfunction.

Why “Popping” Your Own Neck Causes You Harm

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“Popping” Your Own Neck Causes You Harm

Have you ever tried to “pop” your own neck?  In context, popping your neck is when someone forcefully moves their head in a twisting motion to elicit noise.  This can either be done with the use of your own hands or just by gaining enough momentum by using your head as a pendulum. Individuals that do this are called self-manipulators and are playing with fire.

Popping It like It’s Hot…Then Do It Again

Self-manipulators are attempting to correct something that only specific chiropractic adjustments can perform.  In actuality when they pop their neck they are creating chaos in a joint space that does not need to move.  Hence why after twenty minutes or so they have the sensation that this “popping” needs to occur again.  The sensation is brought on due to neuro-transmitters that are compromised.  Every manipulation is like flipping a fuse-box on and off really quickly for 5 seconds.  Why didn’t my body auto-correct the first time?

But It Feels Good

Think of manipulating your spine as a deadly-sin.  Physically it will feel good.  Chemicals are released that transmit “feel good” sensations and you think you fixed something.  Guess what else you are irritating when you manipulate your neck?  The vertebral artery.  Every manipulation irritates the lining and eventually will compromise the vertebral wall. 10/10 people that present to a chiropractor office and are suffering from a stroke, is due to their own manipulating.

Popping Long Term

What’s actually happening?  Your body has a vertebral subluxation that is unchecked and uncorrected.  A subluxation will produce lack of motion in specific areas.  Remember, everything in life requires motion.  Self-manipulators will manipulate the joints above and below an actual subluxation.  Leaving the actual cause uncorrected and creating chaos with ones health and well-being.

Picky Words

What is the difference between manipulation and adjustment?  Without going into detail too much, you can decide which sounds better.

-Manipulation – The action of manipulating someone in a clever or unscrupulous way.

-Adjustment – A small alteration or movement made to achieve a desired fit, appearance, or result.

The Spine – Protecting Your Bodies Body Armor

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The Spine – Protecting Your Bodies Body Armor

The very first entity that is developed in the embryonic stage is the central nerve system (CNS).  This is the brain, spinal cord, and surrounding nerves.  The most important system within the entire body is the central nerve system.  For it builds, develops, and CREATES all other systems within the developing body.  Does this seem important to you?  You better believe it.  This is simply due to the fact that life would simply not exist without the CNS.  With the importance of the CNS it needs to be protected.  Enter the spine.  The spine has important roles to play.  The most obvious and distinct is to protect and provide body armor for your CNS.

The Spine Is “Outta Whack”

This verbiage is often utilized to describe something that is not really happening.  If the spine was really “outta whack” you would not be alive.  It’s just words that we like to describe some sort of pain or discomfort felt in the back region.  So, what really happens when the spine is neglected?  Subluxations occur.  Subluxations are what chiropractors are trained to locate and adjust specifically.  A subluxation creates a disconnect with the brain – body connection.  Think of the brain as the all seeing eye.  When a spinal bone/disc irritate a specific nerve fiber it creates dysfunction with what that nerve is supposed to be performing.  What is the nerve supposed to be doing?  Remember that nerve built, developed, and created all the other system in the body.  So, now it has to keep them operational.

Can I Get A New Spine

One subluxation will create havoc on the entire spine.  As a result of a subluxation the spine will create abnormal movement patterns to compensate.  Your spine needs to be freely movable and free of limitations.  Life is motion and motion is life.  Specific motion into a subluxation allows the brain – body connection to once again be established.  You only have one spine, so take care of it.  For taking care of your spine is ensuring your taking care of your health.


Quick tid-bits on the spine. Click Me

Looking For Self Maintaining Health?

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Looking For Self Maintaining Health?

What is true health?  Some people say that health is a life without symptoms.  Others relate health to merely the ability to do what you do without limitations.  Either way, health is hard-work.  In our culture we have a tendency to take prescriptions like they are going out of style.  Our country is over medicated and this doesn’t stop the rising toll of deaths from heart disease, cancer, and other sickness.  Self maintaining health begins and end without taking things externally.

How Does Maintaining Health Work

Maintaining health starts all the way at the beginning.  The very first entity that is developed in-utero is the central nerve system.  The brain and spinal cord are simply developed to begin building everything else.  Somewhere along the line of life we lose track of whats important.  We lose track of our health and perceive that a symptom is only manageable by taking medicine.  Get back to the central nerve system and realize it controls everything.

Understanding A Symptom

Typically when a symptom occurs people blame it on old age.  Well, that is one way to look at it.  Or, a symptom is your bodies way of trying to function at its best.  Think of a symptom like a vacuum that is plugged into the wall.  Imagine as you begin to stretch the limits of the cord and the plug starts to become disengaged.  The vacuum at times will begin to turn off and then back on.  The vacuum doesn’t quite know what to do without a complete power source.  Same as your body and a symptom.  Recognize the true cause is the power source, the central nerve system.

Get Back To Self Maintaining Health

Enter chiropractic care.  What is it?  Chiropractic care focuses specifically and solely on the patients central nerve system. It is the lease invasive form of actual “Health Care” in the world.  Simply due to the fact that no medicine is prescribed, no surgery performed, no supplements taken, and no lotions or potions applied.  Maintaining health starts with a healthy central nerve system.  With this intact everything else in life will flourish.


Overcoming The Anxiety Disorder

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Overcoming The Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is becoming a problem in the United States. Often simultaneously used in the same sentence as stress.  Distinctly anxiety disorder is an umbrella that encompasses a vast array of emotional disturbances.  With the disorder will come physical signs and symptoms that the body expresses.

Physical Signs & Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder

  • Increased muscle tension
  • Dizziness
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Rapid breathing
  • Heart palipitations
  • Irritability
  • Chills/hot flashes
  • Many more

Understanding The Process Of The Disorder

To be classified as having this disorder you need to have a diagnosis.  Often times many people receive the diagnosis and then are left for chance without any direction.  Taking medication over and over again does not address the cause.   To understand the process think of the word anxiety.  Anxiety is a normal part of your life.  It’s actually healthy.  When it becomes aggressive and chronic in nature without subsiding then it becomes demoralizing.

First Order Of Business

Addressing the physical signs and symptoms should be the first order of business.  Clinically this is proven over and over again with specific chiropractic care.  Chiropractor’s have long been known to help with physical symptoms.  Then when the body is in a balanced state we can address the emotional part of the anxiety disorder.  Why?  How?  Specific adjustments actually restores spinal function which ultimately changes the way the brain functions.  An adjustment is like a computer re-boot.  It’s restored.  The key is to understand the root cause of the symptoms, easier said than done.

The Cause

When the body is unable to adapt, health cannot simply manifest.  You might say that in order to stop anxiety disorder I should just stop “thinking!”  When the body is properly connected (brain to body) life is at it’s optimal potential.  After a specific adjustment the body establishes proper connection with the pre-frontal cortex in the brain.  Think of the pre-frontal cortex as the “OG” (orignal gangster for those of us who dont know slang) the “HEAD HONCHO.”  Use whatever adjective you find appropriate.  Fact of the matter is that you need to maintain your health through specific chiropractic care.  Learn more and ask more.  Simple way is to contact us.

Do You Get Sick Often?

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Do You Get Sick Often?

What is your definition of a healthy body?  Is it someone that works-out every day?  Is it someone that eats smoothies twice a day?  What is considered healthy for one person is the complete opposite for the other.  Imagine you are constantly getting sick.  Obliviously if you are ‘getting’ sick over and over again your body is not responding to a stressor.  Your body is failing to adapt.

Enter the word vomit, also known as: puking, puke, retch, spew, heave, and gag.  Take for instance if I puke right now as I am writing this, is that a good thing or a bad thing?  The correct answer is GOOD.  My body is trying to coordinate a defense for some reason that my body is not properly functioning in correct harmony.  The body is trying to adapt .  Now, give or take some time.  Roughly a couple days the puking needs to stop.  The body should have healed from the forces that went against it.  If the puking continues for weeks and then months thus we just regard it as normal in our society.

Can You Heal From Being Sick

If you are constantly getting sick your body is not healing.  Being healthy is hard-work.  Your body will always do things to be constructive – not destructive for itself.  Recognize that if you having problems adapting to your environment you are not considered to be healthy.  In order to heal from being chronically sick your body first needs to adapt.  The body is not able to be in a fight/flight mode and a healing mode at the same time.

The Role Of Chiropractic

Chiropractic care focuses specifically on the central nerve system (CNS).  The CNS regulates and controls all matter within your body, including the immune system.  When the body becomes sick repeatedly, the body is not functioning correctly.  Subluxations occur within the spinal region disconnecting the brain – body connection.  When a chiropractor adjusts the spine, they are locating specific subluxations.  An adjustment allows the body to repair the brain – body connection.  Thus allowing adaptation to manifest to overcome chronic sickness.