Things To Look For When Buying Health

By June 22, 2017 January 17th, 2018 ADHD, Benefits of Chiropractic, Ear Infections

Things To Look For When Buying Health

The health market is and always will be filled with the latest and newest fad.  Why?  Because we assume that health is something that can be bought, bartered, traded, or consumed.  A reference that I often think about when it comes to buying health is the Kevin Costner movie Tin Cup.  In  shortened version, Costner loses his dominate swing and decides that what he needs is exactly what he doesn’t.  Gimmicks.  He buys the latest and newest gimmicks that will “improve” his swing.  Our health is often associated with the same tendencies.

Beware Of The Doctor Recommendation

When the key tagline of the product states that it is doctor recommended, you need to stop and think.  Top variable to consider when thinking about a product is that health sells.  Where does the money trail lead to?  Just because a doctor puts a credibility stamp on it, means nothing.  Remember back in the day doctors used to endorse smoking.  Google the verb age “doctors and smoking” and follow the trail.

The Instant Fix Of Buying Health

Guess what?  There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to health.  Time is the biggest factor.  When you have 2 week fads or other shenanigans claiming to do this or that.  Come back to reality.  Any change that you are looking to acquire will take time.  This concept of change on the body requires time.  If you are constantly shocking the body with this diet, and this pill, and this supplement for only short periods of time, you are wasting your money.  Buying health requires time.

Health Has Not Changed & Nor Will It

The claims will never stop of the newest and latest gadget to shed off pounds or any other device that is invented to make a quick buck.  So, just ignore them.  Get back to the basics that have survived the test of time.  Superficially to be healthy you need to eat a substantial diet and exercise.  Simple.  On the inside of the body make sure your central nerve system is running at 100%.  If you are looking to be healthy do you choose the hospital or the chiropractic office?  Simple.  Chiropractic care makes sure that the well people stay well.  Chiropractic care is done without lotions, potions, gimmicks, or fads.