How To Stop The Depression

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How To Stop The Depression

Did you know that the number one reason people seek chiropractic care is for emotional stress?  The biggest contributing factor to adversely affect somebodies health and well-being is their emotional stability.  Depression is the top form of emotional stress that visits our office.  Have you ever experienced the so called butterflies in your stomach before?  When we are emotionally distraught over something our entire body “feels” it.  People say I can feel the stress weighing me down.  Remember the same nerves that send messages to your muscles (where you feel things) also control your vital organs.

Chiropractic & Depression

Specific chiropractic care has been an integral part in helping people with depression since the beginning of chiropractic.  A natural solution for handling emotional instability starts with the central nerve system.  Heavy abuse of medication to suppress ones ability to even “feel” is not allowing someone to heal nor overcome their emotional stress.  Imagine having emotional stress on a continual basis.  Every action you attempt to complete as a result will be altered due to your distress.

The Brain & Rewards

The brain is made up of specific parts.  Every interaction you perform or think of performing in life is maintained via the brain/central nerve system.  Specifically when talking about emotions the part of the brain that regulates and controls those interactions is called the pre-frontal cortex.  All of your behaviors and your emotional stability is programmed specifically in an area of the brain.

The Adjustment

Guess what happens when your body is fully connected with no limitations?  After a specific adjustment is administered, your body has no other option but to establish proper connection with your pre-frontal cortex.  Ultimately it’s the game changer.  Hormone’s, endorphin’s, and an overall sense of healing is established.  Like releasing the air in an inflated balloon, chiropractic adjustments reduce the stress and tension and.  The research is out there, do your own and just Google depression and chiropractic.  Enjoy healing.