‘Tis The Season

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It’s that time of year where sicknesses begin affecting our lives! How are you going to combat the seasonal “bug”?

We take Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin, and other vitamin supplements to boost our immune system function, but an aspect of health we do not typically realize is the connection between the functionality of our nerve system and our immune system. 

The body can only do what the brain tells it to. The brain tells the body to release neurotransmitters through the nerves of your body that contribute to immune activity and when there is a misalignment of the spine, it decreases the function of where that nerve goes which disrupts the communication between the brain and the body. Our bodies are constantly adapting and that includes fighting off pathogens we encounter every day without knowing, so having a nerve system free of interference is crucial to overall health, not just dealing with pain. 

Dr. Pero with a PH.D. who is the chief of cancer prevention research at New York’s Preventive Medicine Institute performed a 3 year study with 107 individuals. He measured people who are under chiropractic care for 5 years or more compared to the general population who were not under chiropractic care as well as those with cancer and other serious diseases. He found that chiropractic patients had a 200% greater immune competence than those who had not received chiropractic care and 400% greater immune competence than cancer patients and others with serious diseases and immune system competency did not decrease with age. 

Get checked and stay healthy! 

Ever Hear Of A Spine Transplant?

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Ever Hear Of A Spine Transplant?

Have you ever heard of a spinal transplant?  The answer should and will be NO. However, our society consistently leans toward that kind of answer.   Let’s cut, snip, stab, and basically remove, fuse or bolt together anything that is not doing what it should be.  Once something wears out or is no longer working like it did when we were 18, we automatically lean toward replacing it.  We live in a one and done type world. What happened to the art of maintaining and taking care what you have? Now enter the words… hard work.

Why Are The Spinal Bones So Important?

The spinal bones not only protect your spinal cord but they also have just enough space between them to allow two nerves to exit out to each side of your body.  These nerves control, coordinate and transmit messages to the rest of your body so it can accomplish EVERY action in your daily life. That means every tissue cell in your body is controlled by your nerves through your spinal cord from the BRAIN!   Henry Winsor, M.D. said it best to understand the importance of spinal health – “Organs supplied by impinged nerves exhibit pathological changes and the more serious the impingement the more serious the damage.”  What’s the takeaway from this statement?  You are able to objectively judge someone’s health based on their spinal structure and integrity of their curves.  Healthy spine = healthy central nerve system = healthy body.

Will My Spine Wear Out?

What happens when you neglect your teeth?  Eventually you will lose what you do not take care of.  With the bones of the spine you are not going to “lose” them and they won’t fall out like your teeth.  What will happen is the disc spacing in-between the vertebrae will become less than it was. Even with a healthy spine the disc spacing is going to wear down.  That is NORMAL wear and tear in a human body. The spine will even lose a couple inches. It’s inevitable. It’s the way we are designed. However, when spine health is NEGLECTED  spine DEGENERATIVE changes occur. Degeneration is NOT normal. With degeneration, your spine will begin to wear out at an exceedingly faster pace. This means your health begins to wear out at a faster pace.  Take care of your spine. It’s the only health you have.


How To Stop The Depression

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How To Stop The Depression

Did you know that the number one reason people seek chiropractic care is for emotional stress?  The biggest contributing factor to adversely affect somebodies health and well-being is their emotional stability.  Depression is the top form of emotional stress that visits our office.  Have you ever experienced the so called butterflies in your stomach before?  When we are emotionally distraught over something our entire body “feels” it.  People say I can feel the stress weighing me down.  Remember the same nerves that send messages to your muscles (where you feel things) also control your vital organs.

Chiropractic & Depression

Specific chiropractic care has been an integral part in helping people with depression since the beginning of chiropractic.  A natural solution for handling emotional instability starts with the central nerve system.  Heavy abuse of medication to suppress ones ability to even “feel” is not allowing someone to heal nor overcome their emotional stress.  Imagine having emotional stress on a continual basis.  Every action you attempt to complete as a result will be altered due to your distress.

The Brain & Rewards

The brain is made up of specific parts.  Every interaction you perform or think of performing in life is maintained via the brain/central nerve system.  Specifically when talking about emotions the part of the brain that regulates and controls those interactions is called the pre-frontal cortex.  All of your behaviors and your emotional stability is programmed specifically in an area of the brain.

The Adjustment

Guess what happens when your body is fully connected with no limitations?  After a specific adjustment is administered, your body has no other option but to establish proper connection with your pre-frontal cortex.  Ultimately it’s the game changer.  Hormone’s, endorphin’s, and an overall sense of healing is established.  Like releasing the air in an inflated balloon, chiropractic adjustments reduce the stress and tension and.  The research is out there, do your own and just Google depression and chiropractic.  Enjoy healing.





My Kids Chiropractor

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My Kids Chiropractor

Kids don’t need a chiropractor, hopefully no one ever said.  They do not seem to express neck and back pain like adults do, so I guess no chiropractor.  Low back and neck pain are the least of our concerns when dealing with our children.  As a parent your top priority is that your child stays healthy and develops accordingly.  “My kids chiropractor can help my child with normal development?”  Yes!  You see, your kid’s chiropractor does not need to give them shots, a round of antibiotics, or some artificial tubes just to make you “think” they are getting stronger.  Your kid’s chiropractor is the only one who specializes in removing misalignment’s in the spine that have a direct affect on your child’s nerve system function.  If we want our children to remain healthy and develop accordingly, proper nerve system function is required.

“My kid’s chiropractor helps my kids with their immune system.”  Remember, a proper nerve system has a direct affect on every other system in the body.  If your kid starts missing fewer sick days at school, has improved concentration and mood, prevents improper spinal curvatures, oh, and decreased pain, that’s a good thing!  The greatest medicine that we can teach our children to use, is NOT to use it and to instead, rely directly on their body.  As more kids are diagnosed with sensory processing disorders, ADHD, autism, and asthma, we neglect the true principal that has withstood the test of time: the body when given a chance can HEAL on it’s own.  My kids chiropractor can give your kid a fighting chance, with results.  The life energy of our body flows from the brain, down the spinal cord, throughout the nerves, and to every organ, cell, tissue, and gland.  Misalignment’s in the spine cause disturbance, which then wreak havoc on the nerve system.  Keep the nerve system clear of interference and have your kids checked for misalignments.    “My kids chiropractor can help your kids!”  

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