Family Health Care

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Family Health Care – Carlson Chiropractic Offices

Why family health care?  Great question!  It is our responsibility to raise the awareness of what health is and what it is not.  Your body develops, grows, heals, and deteriorates on the cellular level.  Your body is constantly being resurrected one cell at a time.  The integrity of those cells depend upon a healthy functioning nerve system coordinating that action and forming the building blocks for life.  Chiropractic is the only profession that focuses specifically and solely on the function of the nerve system.  Your nerve system is the master control system of your entire body.  If you want to express life to your fullest potential and live without limits, this requires a healthy functioning nerve system.  We say family health care because everyone uses their nerve system!  

Family health care is simple.  In our world today we complicate it way to much and don’t have to. If the signals from the master control CENTER (brain) are normal then the body functions normally.  If there is a “disconnection” from the brain to the organs, cells, tissues, glands, etc then the body responds with signs and symptoms.  This “disconnection” is caused by a vertebral subluxation.  A vertebral subluxation is a deep and nasty thing that festers with time, it takes time to exhibit the signs of pain that most people associate chiropractic with.  In actuality the signs and symptoms should be the first cue for you to visit your chiropractor.  Think of a subluxation along the lines of a cavity.  Halloween rolls and along and parents instantly think that cavities are going to appear the next day.  Cavities take time to express themselves into the actual sensation of pain.

Family health care is simple!  Having a clear and connected nerve system ensures optimal potential.  No medication needs to be taken and nothing from your body needs to be taken away.  Chiropractic allows your body to heal the way your body is intended to.  Yes, we realize that healing takes time.  Healing is not just the removal of pain, it’s the return of life and living it.  Family health care is that simple!