A map to guiding your health begins with fundamental truths and reasoning that will enable you to better navigate life’s trajectory in maintaining your health. Addressing your health begins with coding that you were born with, DNA. The DNA that you inherited from your parents will remain the same for your lifetime. It is the coding that you were given. You have approximately 25,000 genes in your body that make and identify you! Genes can be influenced to make changes, positive health changes. 

To make changes you need “change”. What we mean by this is that you need an abundance of positive repetition to fill your pockets worth of “change”. This is due to the fact that your body is a machine and if you do not take the time to service it and maintain it, negative repetitions will change your health in a negative manner and deplete your pockets. 

As always this begins with understanding the central nerve system (CNS). When a subluxation (misalignment within the spinal column) exists for a period of time within the spinal column it disrupts the normal flow of communication from brain to body. Immediately the subluxation places undo stress upon a single nerve fiber which will overcite the nerve itself as well as the tissue fibers the nerve controls.  

When a subluxation is over-excited for a period of time it will begin to shape your health in a negative manner. Why? Glutamate is one reason why. Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter that is in the brain and controls nerves. When the brain does not have an accurate reality of what is going on due to a subluxation, glutamate has an open gateway to constantly over-excite, which means tissue cells learn new memory based on negative consequences. Dis-ease begins, symptoms are produced, and your genes can become negatively altered.

Before health can become a reality, you need to make sure your CNS is free and clear of dysfunction. In order to impact your health, you need positive repetition to create change. You can alter and change your genes which change your health. Just like your physical address does not often change, genes are quite similar. They just need positive repetitions to keep your health balanced. When the CNS is free of subluxation any other factor you implement with your health will be accepted to your bodies best ability at 100% . 

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