You NEVER Get Adjusted Just Once

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You NEVER Get Adjusted Just Once

Wow, pretty straight forward.  How much sense does getting adjusted just once really make?  Let’s switch the wording and see how it holds up if you still think chiropractic is a ‘quick fix’.  “You only have to brush your teeth just once.”  Your dentist would be furious if you only brushed your teeth just once.  Literally.  At least we hope your dentist would be upset for taking such poor care of your oral hygiene.  The same can be said for your overall health and well-being.  If you only get adjusted just once, then only eat your fruits and vegetables on one day.

Adjusted: The One And Done…

Chiropractic patients all over the world have heard of a brother’s second cousin, step-sister’s fiancee, who married Aunt Claire’s step-son who received ONE adjustment and was cured.  Okay, so rationalize that someone in acute pain/discomfort who has hit rock bottom only has one way to go. They have to go up, and up is a positive experience.  That doesn’t mean their body is cured, fixed, healed, or better.  9 out of 10 times that patient has been living in pain/discomfort for 5+ years unnoticed.  We do not rationalize that asthma, allergies, constipation, diverticulitis, lethargy or ANY symptom is painful.

Adjust Your Thoughts

A subluxation disconnects the brain – body highway.  Therefore, the brain creates a new inner reality and environment for the body to live in.  No one said it’s a healthy one.  It’s surviving, though, and at least getting you through the day.  Luckily it does not have to be that way though.  Creating positive memory begins and ends with the central nerve system.  Just like learning the fine arts of playing the piano.  Repetition not only builds and allows one’s body to adapt, it is also proactive.  Brushing your teeth, getting your spine checked, eating right, exercising…it’s hard-work.  Keep it up.  Get adjusted regularly.


Why “Popping” Your Own Neck Causes You Harm

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“Popping” Your Own Neck Causes You Harm

Have you ever tried to “pop” your own neck?  In context, popping your neck is when someone forcefully moves their head in a twisting motion to elicit noise.  This can either be done with the use of your own hands or just by gaining enough momentum by using your head as a pendulum. Individuals that do this are called self-manipulators and are playing with fire.

Popping It like It’s Hot…Then Do It Again

Self-manipulators are attempting to correct something that only specific chiropractic adjustments can perform.  In actuality when they pop their neck they are creating chaos in a joint space that does not need to move.  Hence why after twenty minutes or so they have the sensation that this “popping” needs to occur again.  The sensation is brought on due to neuro-transmitters that are compromised.  Every manipulation is like flipping a fuse-box on and off really quickly for 5 seconds.  Why didn’t my body auto-correct the first time?

But It Feels Good

Think of manipulating your spine as a deadly-sin.  Physically it will feel good.  Chemicals are released that transmit “feel good” sensations and you think you fixed something.  Guess what else you are irritating when you manipulate your neck?  The vertebral artery.  Every manipulation irritates the lining and eventually will compromise the vertebral wall. 10/10 people that present to a chiropractor office and are suffering from a stroke, is due to their own manipulating.

Popping Long Term

What’s actually happening?  Your body has a vertebral subluxation that is unchecked and uncorrected.  A subluxation will produce lack of motion in specific areas.  Remember, everything in life requires motion.  Self-manipulators will manipulate the joints above and below an actual subluxation.  Leaving the actual cause uncorrected and creating chaos with ones health and well-being.

Picky Words

What is the difference between manipulation and adjustment?  Without going into detail too much, you can decide which sounds better.

-Manipulation – The action of manipulating someone in a clever or unscrupulous way.

-Adjustment – A small alteration or movement made to achieve a desired fit, appearance, or result.

What Does “My Back’s Out” Actually Mean?

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What Does “My Back’s Out” Actually Mean?

If you have ever heard someone say that “My back’s out”, what in actuality do you think that means?  In chiropractic schooling we have not been taught this meaning before.  This term “My back’s out” is something that our society uses to classify some sort of back ailment.  To answer the question, let’s look into what people are actually trying to make sense of.

 My Back’s Out To Dinner?

No, your back does not go out to dinner without you.  What are people actually feeling?  Enter the subluxation.  When a subluxtion is present within the spine for years and goes on unintended, it begins to manifest.  A subluxation is chronic irritation to a nerve fiber.  When a nerve becomes irritated the brain does not fully grasp what is going on inside the body.  The brain becomes disconnected and the body begins to suffer.  A subluxation creates different patterns within the body.  One doctor of chiropractic described a subluxation as creating a new inner reality of what we perceive as healthy.

Your Back Does Not Leave You

Your back cannot simply go “out.”  The cold hard truth is that what people actually begin to feel is often muscle imbalances.  When a subluxation exists for an extended period of time uncorrected the brain will create abnormal movement patterns.  These patterns are facilitated and controlled via an irritated nerve fiber.  Ask yourself, do you feel happy when you are irritated?  Most likely not, so imagine the distraught messages the nerve will be sending to the muscles when irritated for numerous years.  Chronic muscle spasms, knots, tension, and other characteristics of a subluxation will manifest superficially within your body.  Often, this is what people will begin to express as their “back going-out.”

Get “It” Back In

With regards to your back “going -out” the same can be said for your back “getting – in.”  When you do get adjusted your back does not simply go “back in.”  The noises that you hear after an adjustment is called a cavitation or often referred to as: popping, cracking, snapping, etc.  Instantly you can feel good after an adjustment due to hormones being released.  It takes time to fully retrain the central nerve system. Get your nerves checked and ask your chiropractor questions. #getchecked

Is Your Child Out Of Balance?

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Is  Your Child Out Of Balance?

Understanding your child is unique and specific towards each family.  Tendencies for one child will most likely be the complete opposite for the next child.  This can be said for personality and how our children are developing.  Common signs that your child needs to be checked though are specific towards the central nerve system.  Keep in mind these are “common,”  every child is different in how they express stress on the central nerve system.  Finding the balance of your child is what we do. For Instance:

  • Slow recovery from illness
  • Poor concentration
  • Hyperactivity
  • Poor sleep
  • Sensitive to gut problems

What Is IN Balance Mean?

When the central nerve system is properly connected to the body, the body does not express symptoms.  Remember the very first developed in utero is the brain and spinal column (central nerve system, CNS).  For the CNS made everything else in the body and controls it’s action till this day.  Being in balance is meaning being connected and functioning at optimal potential.  Without limitations.

  • What does slow recovery from illness mean?  If you do get sick…great.  Now, it’s time to adapt and get over it.  You should not be sick for an extended period of time nor should you be chronically sick.
  • Poor concentration.  Imagine if you body is disconnected.  This is the same concept as an animal that is being backed up into a corner.  The body will be more in tune making sure its getting by on a day to day basis.  Concentration is the least of concerns when the body is in fight mode.
  • Hyperactivity.  This builds off our previous statement of poor concentration.  Fight mode means more adrenal gland activity.  Which in turn will suppress “relaxing” hormones.
  • Poor sleep.  The last thing the body is ready to do when disconnected is rest.  It NEEDS to rest and relax.  It will enter into this phase of healing happily though.  The body just needs the right guidance.
  • Sensitive to gut problems.  The “new” theory of the “Brain-Gut connection.”  Guess what, the brain has always been connected to the gut.  The bodies wiring has not changed for some time (enter smiley face).  Constipation, re-flux, food sensitivity, and etc etc can all be linked to improper balance.

Get your children checked for possible verterbral subluxations withing the central nerve system.  To learn more about Gonstead chiropractic check our website.


Looking For The Quick Fix From Out Of Pain?

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Looking For The Quick Fix From Out Of Pain?

Ever hear of that magic adjustment that your friend received and was out of pain for years?  10 out of 10 the adjustment is going to deliver healing capabilities.  As long as the adjustment was specific and direct there is no other option for the body but to heal.  The problem with this dilemma is, the education and doctors report that needs to be delivered.  Truth be told there is really no such thing as a true “quick fix.”  Many chiropractic patients only come to get out of pain.  While a noble cause and gesture from your chiropractor, you need to understand what our (chiropractor) true purpose really is.

I Am Out Of Pain So I Am Out Of Chiropractic

Some people think that only coming to the chiropractor is when you are in pain.  This is treating chiropractic like a ER room.  This does not quantify what chiropractic actually is.  If you treat a chiropractor like a hospital you will only get hospital like results. Band-aids.  Crutch’s.  Cover–ups.  While necessary at times, it is not chiropractic.  Never really addressing the true cause.  We tell our patients that if you only come to the chiropractor when you are in pain, that makes as much sense as only eating healthy when your sick.  The body is not designed for the quick fix.  We assume this only based on pharmaceutical companies and how easily and readily pain reliving stimulants are available to us.  Go to any gas station and see how many pain relieving “quick” drugs are out there.

Skip The Fix & Go For The Heal

If you are looking to heal, look first towards the central nerve system (CNS).  The healing capabilities begins and ends with the properties that the CNS controls.  You have to regenerate cellular tissue.  The tissue cell is regulated and controlled via the CNS.  Chiropractic care not only improves spinal function – it allows your body to heal.  When you have normal movement patterns in the spinal region the CNS is free to do what it needs.  Which is to protect and maintain your homeostasis.  Simple.  Getting out of pain is easy.  The healing process is what HAS to happen or else we are bordering on insanity.  Get your nerves checked by a specific chiropractor.


Things To Look For When Buying Health

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Things To Look For When Buying Health

The health market is and always will be filled with the latest and newest fad.  Why?  Because we assume that health is something that can be bought, bartered, traded, or consumed.  A reference that I often think about when it comes to buying health is the Kevin Costner movie Tin Cup.  In  shortened version, Costner loses his dominate swing and decides that what he needs is exactly what he doesn’t.  Gimmicks.  He buys the latest and newest gimmicks that will “improve” his swing.  Our health is often associated with the same tendencies.

Beware Of The Doctor Recommendation

When the key tagline of the product states that it is doctor recommended, you need to stop and think.  Top variable to consider when thinking about a product is that health sells.  Where does the money trail lead to?  Just because a doctor puts a credibility stamp on it, means nothing.  Remember back in the day doctors used to endorse smoking.  Google the verb age “doctors and smoking” and follow the trail.

The Instant Fix Of Buying Health

Guess what?  There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to health.  Time is the biggest factor.  When you have 2 week fads or other shenanigans claiming to do this or that.  Come back to reality.  Any change that you are looking to acquire will take time.  This concept of change on the body requires time.  If you are constantly shocking the body with this diet, and this pill, and this supplement for only short periods of time, you are wasting your money.  Buying health requires time.

Health Has Not Changed & Nor Will It

The claims will never stop of the newest and latest gadget to shed off pounds or any other device that is invented to make a quick buck.  So, just ignore them.  Get back to the basics that have survived the test of time.  Superficially to be healthy you need to eat a substantial diet and exercise.  Simple.  On the inside of the body make sure your central nerve system is running at 100%.  If you are looking to be healthy do you choose the hospital or the chiropractic office?  Simple.  Chiropractic care makes sure that the well people stay well.  Chiropractic care is done without lotions, potions, gimmicks, or fads.



Looking For Self Maintaining Health?

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Looking For Self Maintaining Health?

What is true health?  Some people say that health is a life without symptoms.  Others relate health to merely the ability to do what you do without limitations.  Either way, health is hard-work.  In our culture we have a tendency to take prescriptions like they are going out of style.  Our country is over medicated and this doesn’t stop the rising toll of deaths from heart disease, cancer, and other sickness.  Self maintaining health begins and end without taking things externally.

How Does Maintaining Health Work

Maintaining health starts all the way at the beginning.  The very first entity that is developed in-utero is the central nerve system.  The brain and spinal cord are simply developed to begin building everything else.  Somewhere along the line of life we lose track of whats important.  We lose track of our health and perceive that a symptom is only manageable by taking medicine.  Get back to the central nerve system and realize it controls everything.

Understanding A Symptom

Typically when a symptom occurs people blame it on old age.  Well, that is one way to look at it.  Or, a symptom is your bodies way of trying to function at its best.  Think of a symptom like a vacuum that is plugged into the wall.  Imagine as you begin to stretch the limits of the cord and the plug starts to become disengaged.  The vacuum at times will begin to turn off and then back on.  The vacuum doesn’t quite know what to do without a complete power source.  Same as your body and a symptom.  Recognize the true cause is the power source, the central nerve system.

Get Back To Self Maintaining Health

Enter chiropractic care.  What is it?  Chiropractic care focuses specifically and solely on the patients central nerve system. It is the lease invasive form of actual “Health Care” in the world.  Simply due to the fact that no medicine is prescribed, no surgery performed, no supplements taken, and no lotions or potions applied.  Maintaining health starts with a healthy central nerve system.  With this intact everything else in life will flourish.


How To Invest In Your Health

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How To Invest In Your Health

The best time to invest in your health is now.  In our current state of fast living and more, more, more the little things tend to be neglected.  There is a saying that tends to fit our current state of mind.  “Someone who is young and strives for wealth and neglects their health will often spend their wealth later in life to acquire their health.”  The one thing that you cannot get back is time.  Your health is an investment not an expense.  If we take our health seriously we need to start at the foundation of everything.  The inside.

Invest In The Inside

It’s what inside that matters most.  This is often expressed when dating somebody new and the same holds true for your health.  Invest in your health begins with your central nerve system.  This holds true because the central nerve system is the master controller in the body.  Every expression you have in your life is solely geared and constructed via your central nerve system.  Specific chiropractic check-ups ensure that your body is functioning at your optimal level.    That’s it, it’s very simple and to the point.  If you want to perform at 100% the inside needs to be working at 100%.

The Rest

After incorporating regular check-ups the rest is easy.  Start with the basics and do not over complicate things.  Taking care of your health is hard-work, thus it’s called an investment.  You need to incorporate regular physical exercise and a healthy sustained diet.  Remember everything is in moderation.  You don’t have to become a health nut and worry about eating potato chips.  What is not in moderation is medication.  The greatest medicine is to teach people how not to use it.  Invest on the inside first and then everything else will fall into place.  Simple.

Best Exercise To Help Your Spine

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Best Exercise To Help Your Spine

The best exercise to help your spine is very simple.  In fact many of us know it already and have been taught at a very young age what to do.  It’s just so hard to do.  It’s called having GREAT POSTURE.  That’s it?  Yes, very simple at to the point.  The best so called “exercise” that you can accomplish and help your spine is being diligent with your posture.  Do you realize that having good posture is actually hard to do?

Adjustments Make My Posture Better

So, subluxations compromise ones ability to have profound posture.  Subluxations disconnect the brain-body connection.  So, as a direct result your body will work harder and faster than it requires to balance itself.  By getting checked on a regular basis and adjusted if necessary, you allow your body to be at it’s peak potential.  This means your central nerve system is happy, which means your body is happy.  People might say, “I need to focus on my Lats or do stabilizing exercises.”  Great, you can do those.  Or you can stop looking for the latest and greatest and do what has survived the test of time.

My Posture Is My Exercise

Guess what?  Being healthy is hard work.  It can’t be sold, modified, or infringed upon.  Coming and visiting your chiropractor to maintain your health is hard work. Watching and being diligent about your posture is hard work. Or course going and running for miles on end and lifting weights are necessary.  Or just incorporating an active lifestyle is beneficial. Once again it comes back again to hard work.  There is no stretch or exercise that can FIX a subluxation.  You get adjusted and reconnect the brain-body connection.  As a direct result your body will become more at ease.  Which means its easier to have better posture.  Let’s keep health simple.  Get your nerves checked.

Bid The Job Through X-rays

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Bid The Job Through X-rays

Anybody that has ever been involved in a renovation or house project knows about the “Bid.”  There are lots of factors to consider when someone gives another person a bid.  Usually the number one thing that makes it or breaks it for somebody is the cost.  What determines the difference between pricing from one contractor to the next?  Your guess is just as good as mine.  Obliviously, they have their reasons for what they do and how they handle their business.  What about if they had x-rays?

How To See More About The Problem

A great tool that has been utilized for helping locate the source and cause of problems for health care is x-rays.  Imagine if a contractor had such a tool to use when bidding for a job that they could be so specific in their bid.  X-rays reveal specifically what and where your specific subluxations are.  Subluxations are what chiropractor’s are trained to locate and adjust if necessary.  The subluxation disconnects the brain body connection.  Imagine going in blindfolded when bidding a construction job.  The same can be said when not utilizing the availability of advanced imaging and chiropractic care.

X-rays Eliminate Guessing

Ultimately a valid tool to use in any chiropractic office is x-rays.  Obliviously, pregnant females and infants do not require imaging.  For everyone else the availability to utilize an x-ray is substantial.  Looking at the x-rays and understanding how they correlate with your overall health is what chiropractors do.  ​A healthy lifestyle, including regular chiropractic adjustments, is the cornerstone of controlling your quality of life.  To access and utilize advanced imaging makes sure that your care is different than everybody else.  Why?  Because everybody is different and their care should be unique and specific based on their needs.  There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter formula when dealing with a subluxation and how it affects somebody. Get your body checked.