Looking For Self Maintaining Health?

Looking For Self Maintaining Health?

What is true health?  Some people say that health is a life without symptoms.  Others relate health to merely the ability to do what you do without limitations.  Either way, health is hard-work.  In our culture we have a tendency to take prescriptions like they are going out of style.  Our country is over medicated and this doesn’t stop the rising toll of deaths from heart disease, cancer, and other sickness.  Self maintaining health begins and end without taking things externally.

How Does Maintaining Health Work

Maintaining health starts all the way at the beginning.  The very first entity that is developed in-utero is the central nerve system.  The brain and spinal cord are simply developed to begin building everything else.  Somewhere along the line of life we lose track of whats important.  We lose track of our health and perceive that a symptom is only manageable by taking medicine.  Get back to the central nerve system and realize it controls everything.

Understanding A Symptom

Typically when a symptom occurs people blame it on old age.  Well, that is one way to look at it.  Or, a symptom is your bodies way of trying to function at its best.  Think of a symptom like a vacuum that is plugged into the wall.  Imagine as you begin to stretch the limits of the cord and the plug starts to become disengaged.  The vacuum at times will begin to turn off and then back on.  The vacuum doesn’t quite know what to do without a complete power source.  Same as your body and a symptom.  Recognize the true cause is the power source, the central nerve system.

Get Back To Self Maintaining Health

Enter chiropractic care.  What is it?  Chiropractic care focuses specifically and solely on the patients central nerve system. It is the lease invasive form of actual “Health Care” in the world.  Simply due to the fact that no medicine is prescribed, no surgery performed, no supplements taken, and no lotions or potions applied.  Maintaining health starts with a healthy central nerve system.  With this intact everything else in life will flourish.