What You Need To Know About Fevers

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What You Need To Know About Fevers

Fevers often have received a bad rap when it comes to health of a developing child.  The basic principle which a fever is trying to accomplish is that the body it trying to heal itself.  That age old adage of letting the fever run it course should say a lot.  When a fever strikes your child, the body is trying to adapt and overcome some sort of imbalance.

What Is A Fever

A fever is the body’s normal reaction and action step in dealing with some sort of infection.  It’s normal!  Attempting to suppress a fever never really cultivates the body healing nor adapting to the stress put on it.  Thus, allowing for reoccurring infections to take place.  Increased body temperature stimulates the growth of cells, specifically speaking white blood cells.  White blood cells are vitally important for attack measures, and are directly associated with your immune system and how you defend against invaders.

The Reason For The Fevers

Always relating cause and effect to a particular part of your central nerve system, enter the hypothalamus.  The hypothalamus is a part of your brain that should basically be called the “quarterback of the brain.”  It’s calling some important shots and specifically when your body is trying to adapt to a stressor in your environment.  Fevers are brought on for a multitude of reasons, and they do

Regulate The Fever

Just like “getting sick” a fever should only last for a day or two at most (depending upon the severity).  When your body becomes run down in times of crisis you still have to make sure to regulate the fever with constant check-ups.  A fever acceding a temperature of 104 F is not a safe environment for anybody, and the body might need some sort of outside assistance.  Outside of regulation, proper nerve system function is essential for good health.  Get back in line and allow the body to adapt faster and actually heal with having the nerve system checked for imbalances.

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