The constant fight of maintaining or decreasing our metabolism is a huge factor for many.  We can all understand and rationalize that as we gain in age that things begin to slow down, and one of those is our metabolism.  Individuals that are in their middle-ages or not even out of high school yet should not have to suffer with fluctuating metabolism problems.  Realizing that our current trend in society to a more sedentary lifestyle with fast food for three meals a day does play a role in this.  Diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices are all variables to consider when talking about metabolism.  The fight of metabolism that we are going to address here is centered on our hormones and specifically our nerve system control.  Addressing the changes your body makes in metabolism without a clear and connected nerve system.metabolism

Ask about three people you know if they or somebody they know has a problem with their thyroid gland.  Most likely you will come out with 100% participation of someone suffering with thyroid dysfunction.  Metabolism is directly proportional to how your thyroid gland is functioning and receiving clear communication from your nerve system.  If there is stress placed on the body via some sort of physical, chemical, or emotional stress then your body will slow down its overall function.  Stress placed on the nerve system will slow digestion, metabolism, hormones, and cellular function (among other things).  Your entire physiology will drastically change when your nerve system is not optimally functioning.  

Chiropractic recognizes that your entire body needs to function at its optimal potential.  By removing stress placed on your nerve system, you are able to function the way you are supposed to.  A disturbance in the nerve that regulates and controls your thyroid gland is directly correlated with metabolism.  Now, just to clarify we are not saying we are going to change your weight and instantly lose fifty pounds.  Chiropractic care will remove the disturbance placed on your nerve system which will allow your body to begin to heal.  Allowing proper connection from nerve to gland and gland to nerve is essential for any component of the body.