The Epidemic Of Text Neck

By October 4, 2016 January 17th, 2018 Benefits of Chiropractic, Ear Infections

The Epidemic Of Text Neck

The epidemic of text neck has been developing for some time, and is now starting to spread it’s full wings.  Text neck is a generalized term that is associated with some sort of electronic device and using improper posture while on the device.  This can range from cellphones, tablets, kindles, I-pads, laptops, and whatever else is out there.  It’s not that you have to be strictly texting while performing bad posture, it’s just statistically based that texting is the top activity performed.

How To Change The Posture

Much like anything in life, moderation is the key.  The biggest component to monitor is having the electronic device parallel to your eye level.  Do not bring your eyes down to the device, instead bring the device to your eye level.  Performing this simple maneuver will decrease the amount of strain that is placed on your central nerve system from improper positioning.  Another simple variable is to always switch-up your positioning.  Place the device in a sitting position, then a standing position, and then lay-down.  Constantly changing your posture prevents repetitive nature which causes harm in the long run.

Why Text Neck Is Bad

Your cervical spine (neck) is supposed to have a specific curvature to it.  When a hand-held device enters the picture our tendency is to look downwards at the screen thus creating an improper curvature within the spine.  Over time text neck begins to ensue by over-straining your muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  This text neck begins to limit your correct curvature of the spine which in time will place constant stress on the body.

Figure It out

In this day and age children will never know what it’s like not to have the internet.  As early as two years of age now, some children have their own electronic devices.  If their posture is not monitored, then the beginning of text neck will set in.  Fixing the posture and having regular chiropractic check-ups will restore the normal balance in the body.


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