The Major “S-Word”…..Stress

By August 21, 2014 Benefits of Chiropractic


We go through major amounts of stress in our life.  We go through chemical, physical and emotional stress on a daily basis in our lives!  Having the ability to overcome and having our bodies adapt to these major stressors is the determining factor of how we are going to live our lives!

Chemical stress.  Too much dope (pills), coffee, green tea, alcohol, chocolate…..etc etc.  Every thing in moderation right!    If we consume these things on a daily basis and if our body has the inability to adapt to the stress then our body starts to elicit signs and symptoms of distress.  These are key to recognize.  Stress is different for everybody and how you are able to adapt to it!  A malfunctioning liver, kidneys, you name it!  If you have chemical stress to your body, yes you should be able to adapt and overcome.  However, if your nerve system is not functioning at 100% and you have the inability to adapt, the signs and symptoms start to pile on!

Emotional stress.  Do you like public speaking?  This is a easy one to understand.  The top fear for most people is public speaking.  Having to meet your soon to be boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time can be emotional as well…and etc.  Some people start to shake, have sweaty palms, have those butterflies in your stomach?  Well gee, who is controlling those emotional thoughts?  Your brain and your nerves!  Ever hear of somebody who had such emotional baggage that there body started to elicit signs and symptoms, hair falling out, ulcers, acne, and so on !  IF you are not adapting to your emotional stress your body tells you!  Make sure to be functioning at 100%!

Physical stress.  First physical stress that we all encounter….birth.  After that just keep adding them up, learning to walk, learning to ride a bike, ummm just about learning to do anything physical.  The physical stress is the easiest one to understand for most, however the most neglected!  We undergo a care accident when we are 16 years old, have “soreness” for about a day because our body is so young and recovering faster than ever we think we are good to go!  During this care accident you sustained some whiplash as well……your only 16 years old and you think your body adapted and overcame your incident.  You have sustained a physical stress and only felt the symptoms for a day, that does not mean your body HEALED!

Having a chiropractor who understands the stress in your life and how you are able to overcome these is the major concept!  Having the inability to adapt and overcome your stress is WHY chiroprac-TORS do what we do!

Oh, just too much to talk about with regards to the “S-WORD.”