How You “Think” Doesn’t Impact My Health…Think Again!

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Thinking Doesn’t Impact My Health…Think Again!

Think About What You Think About

Most people would suspect that physical trauma is the number one reason why people seek Chiropractic care.  But in actuality, the number one reason why people seek care is due to how they think, or emotional stress.  How you think directly impacts your health.  Early Chiropractic philosophy stated that “Auto-Suggestions” was one reason why people would seek care.  It was their inability to adapt to their own auto-suggestions.  Today we supplement the phrase auto-suggestions with stress.  Stress is what brings people into the office.  Our thinking process either creates positive affirmations or emotional stress.

The Chemical Break-Down of Thinking

When your body begins to become bombarded with obligations such as bills, taxes, and daily routines, internal changes occur that alter your thought process.  Chemically, your internal monolog will increase adrenalin, blood glucose, cortisol, and even cholesterol levels.  Serotonin will be the one chemical that actually decreases as a result of stress.  Serotonin, commonly known as the “happiness chemical”, is a huge factor in your mood and getting quality sleep to rest your body.

The Physiological Response to Thinking

The chemicals in the previous paragraph will begin to alter your brain activity and how your body responds.  So, how you think now will begin to impact your health in a way you can understand…in a way that you actually feel. Your quality of sleep is severely depleted, your immune system is compromised, heart rate will spike, and your blood pressure will begin to rise.  Along with these noticeable symptoms, you will also feel increased muscle tension and knots along the spine.  All of this as a result of your thinking!

Chiropractic Can Change How You Think

When the spine is properly aligned and free of interference, your thought process is limited in its negative abilities.  After receiving a specific chiropractic adjustment, there is a 99% correlation that your pre-frontal cortex becomes enhanced.  What does this mean?  The pre-frontal cortex of your brain controls planning, complex cognitive behavior, personality, expression, decision making, and moderating social behavior.  In simple terms, it controls how you think.  Specific chiropractic adjustments help the positive thought process.  Stay adjusted, stay positive!




Keeping Yourself Natural

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We are stoked to provide material for the 406 magazine.  Newest article is out about Keeping Yourself Natural.  Understanding that people will try to sell you health and what to be aware of when in the pursuit of making sure you are healthy.  Fads and trends will always be out there.  Stick to what works.  Read our article on page 54.  Click here for online version.

Learning From Hippocrates – 3 Truths That Survive Time

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Learning From Hippocrates – 3 Truths That Survive Time

# 1 The Patient Vs The Disease

Hippocrates was basically the first known guru of studying health and what causes someone to be healthy.  They say he is the father of medicine because of the people he was able to help.  Contrary to popular belief, the word “medicine” back in the day also was focused on “Prevention.”  Nowadays, medicine is associated with disease, diagnosis, and treatment.  Hippo actually was in charge of a school, and their philosophy on how to help somebody was centered around the patient.  Hioppcrates’ rival was another school called Cnidus.  Cnidus was ran by a man called Euryphon who’s focus was on treating the disease rather than the patient.

# 2  Look Towards The Spine For The Cause

These two viewpoints on helping people: one focusing on the patient and the other focusing on the disease, have been around for a long time.   This is nothing new.  Hippocrates said “Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.”  He taught that to cure disease the cause must be sought and removed.  The physical representation (signs and symptoms) of disease in the body is always directly or indirectly related to the spine.  Subluxations limit the body from healing by not supplying adaptive forces to trigger a healing response.  Subluxation irritate a nerve fiber and nobody likes to be irritated.  Whenever a nerve becomes irritated, the body cannot function correctly.

 # 3 Hippocrates: Nature Must Heal

Hippocrates taught us that nature must do the healing.  Once again, this is not something that is new.  Hippo, writing numerous books, even wrote one called Manipulation and Importance to Good Health.  It is interesting to note that during this time another man called Herodicus, who was deemed the first great drug-less healer, was also helping people.  Herodicus claim to this world was curing diseases by correcting spinal abnormalities.  It is paramount to understand that chiropractic isn’t some new fad or trend.  It has survived the test of time and will continue to do so.  Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes someone to live…simple.

What Not To Do During A Fire

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What Not To Do During A Fire

Let’s say that there is a fire in your house.  Would you ignore the fire and just turn the smoke detector off?  Let’s hope not! You wouldn’t focus on the smoke detector when there are bigger problems occurring.  The last thing on your mind during a fire should be the beeping of the smoke detector.  We can use this analogy to compare many cover ups in our health and society.  We often mask what our central nerve system is telling us with the use of cover-ups.

Don’t Touch That Fire!

The “fire”, for the most part, is the one aspect that is typically neglected in our health.  Think of a fire as a particular sign or symptom that your body is trying to tell you about.  When it starts burning we often take an artificial substance to mask the symptom, or “turn off the detector”.  This causes us to perceive that we are fine, when in reality, the “fire” is burning without limits to stop it.  Don’t allow yourself to become comfortable or think that your body is fine just from “turning off the detector”.  The source of the issue(s) in your body are still present.  The true cause is still manifesting and causing dysfunction within your body.

Don’t Mess With Fire…Unless Your Name Is Pyro

Cover-ups, Band-Aids, crutches, etc., are not benefiting your body.  Occasionally there will be a time and place for them such as accidents, injuries, or traumas.  Otherwise, a subluxation is the cause of ALL, not some, physical dysfunctions.  A subluxation is a disconnection from the brain-body highway.  When the body is disconnected, signs and symptoms begin to manifest.  As a direct result, your body will begin to suffer.  Stop turning off the smoke detector, and start addressing the cause of dysfunction.

Gut Problems – How Your Health Begins From The Inside

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Gut Problems – How Your Health Begins From The Inside

Gut problems?  Understanding the gut is crucial in how are bodies are functioning.  Often we take for granted the imporance of the gut and how it reveals our bodies overall health and well-being.  What specifically are we talking about when referring to gut problems? The particular organs associated with the “gut” are the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.  These organs are broken down into three distinct parts of maintaining a healthy body.  The importance of maintaining the function of the gut is crucial to everything else in the body.  Why?  Because the central nerve system (CNS) controls, regultes, and coordinates every gut FUNCTION.  And most people do not associate gut problems with overall health.

Gut Problems Tell The Story Often Neglected

Healthy spine = healthy gut = healthy body.  The reason to use the gut as a picture of overall health is to understand the CNS first.  The brain sends messages down via the spinal cord and the nerves exit the spinal column and regulates the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.  When gut problems occur people think directly that the gut is faulty, not the area controlling it.  When the spine is misaligned it will lead to altered digestive function.  Simple.  Now, if you decide to eat week old scrambled eggs and have some gut problems, don’t blame the CNS.  Cause and effect will surely do.

The Gut/Core – Your Measuring Stick

A hot topic in our society is the brain-gut connection or leaky gut or anything associated with the gut.  Now, to be witty we have always understood that the brain controls the gut.  It is not some new scientific exploration.  The light-bulbs being turned on for people is the significance of the gut and how it is used as a measuring stick for our overall health.  Misalignments in the spine do not take days off.  Which means your health does not rest.  Being healthy is hard work, it all begins and ends with the central nerve system.  If your unsure about your current health status consider your gut and how it functions.  It will lead you back to the beginning.



Ever Feel Disconnected From Your Body

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Ever Feel Disconnected From Your Body

Ever have the feeling that you and your body are just disconnected?  Could be a reoccurring theme for some.  Could of just happened by chance for others.  Either way the body is trying to communicate to you.  Listen to the body and head it’s advice.  Every single day in our office we talk about being disconnected.  It’s a realization that your chiropractor should explain to you.  The body is doing something for a reason. Listen.  ​Misalignment causes irritation of the spinal nerves, and this irritation, in turn, will lead to symptoms.


The simplest way to explain what a chiropractic adjustment is doing, is reconnecting.  Think of plugging a lamp back in to the outlet.  You see when a subluxation occurs it causes dysfunction within the entire central nerve system.  Which means your entire body.  Initially a subluxation is like dimming lights.  You can still see.  You can still function.  You basically can do everything you want to do.  Not at 100% though.  That should not be normal for you.  Yet, many people continue to live their lives like that.  Chiropractic is much more than just “pain treatments.”  Understanding the full capacity of chiropractic is grasping the body as a whole.

Living Connected

So, what happens when the body is connected.  This falls into play with people who get checked for subluxations on a regular basis.  Patients will report being in tune with their body.  They will recognize “symptoms” that are particular to them.  This ranges from: limited range of motion, poor energy, sickness, ear infections, to constipation.  A symptom is a red flag.  Recognize that living disconnected puts your health at risk.  Symptoms will appear and take over. Without directly attacking symptoms with medication.  Chiropractic restores proper connection to the brain-body pathways.  Which enables your body to HEAL.  Nothing is more powerful than enabling your body to adapt to the stress placed on it.


What To Do With Constant Muscle Tension?

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What To Do With Constant Muscle Tension?

Muscle tension often shows up after a vigorous exercise or a new activity that your body is not used to.  This tension should dissipate after a couple of days.  That is considered a normal chain of events.  If the muscle tension exists for an extended period of time, somethings up.  If you find yourself at the end of the day having the same tension over and over again, your body is not healing.  The body is trying to communicate to you, just listen.

Deep Muscle Tension

Your body always works from inside to out.  The central nerve system coordinates all activity for the musckelskeletal system.  Muscles do not upset the firing capacity of a nerve.  A nerve becomes irritated and upsets the muscles the nerve is controlling .  If a specific nerve in your spine has chronic irritation as a direct result the muscles it controls will be irritated as well.  This irritation occurs from subluxations within the body.  A subluxation irritates a nerve thus rendering the nerve to be below its optimal potential.  Think of irritation as dropping a phone call that is vitally important.  This will happen over and over again.

Undo The Tension From Within

Tension is one symptom that your body will reveal when a subluxation is present for a period of time.  Loss of energy, poor sleeping habits, inability to heal from stress in your life.  Allow your body to heal and adapt with specific chiropractic care.  Chiropractor’s are the only profession that allow your body to heal from within by adjusting subluxations.  Chronic tension you can feel on the outside of your body.  Imagine what that tension does to the inside of the body.  Health is more than just “How You Feel.”  Health is about expressing your optimal potential on a daily basis.



Creating Happiness Through Habits

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Creating Happiness Through Habits

Creating happiness through habits begins with one step at a time.  Habits initially start off as cobwebs and then with time begin to manifest into strong durable cables.  The happiness we are talking about is health related.  Being healthy and staying that way is a very addictive habit to form.  This comes in the form of eating proper nutrients for your body to process and making sure regular physical activity is a daily activity.  The major habit to form and sustain to allow all other habits to be fundamental is a proper nerve supply.  A proper nerve supply is the foundation of a healthy life thus creating happiness in all that you do.  If you lack a proper nerve supply you do not have your health, if you do not have your health, what do you have? Creating happiness through positive health habits is essential to living a life without restrictions.

Understanding the fundamentals of a happy-healthy life is essential.  Proper nutrients, regular physical activity, and regular specific chiropractic care.  Embracing all that you have allows you to reach and understand why these three components are engraved in stone and will not change.  Think of it this way, everything that we do in life requires proper movement.  Creating habits that incorporate regular physical activity is movement. Creating habits that allow your body to process proper nutrients is allowing proper movement within your GI tract.  Creating habits that start with specific regular chiropractic care is creating movement within the spinal region thus influencing the central nerve system.  Specific chiropractic care is movement within the body.  An adjustment to the spinal region is movement.  Nerves communicate from nerve to nerve, cell to cell, tissue to tissue, muscle to muscle etc: all of it is movement.  Creating happiness through your lifestyle is making sure that you are constantly moving.  Movement matters.

Learn a little bit more on how to reduce stress with proper movement. Click Me.

Back Discomfort From A Wallet

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Back Discomfort From A Wallet

Back discomfort from a wallet can be a very compromising situation for most.  Reason being is that many just find it awkward if their wallet is not resting in their back pocket.  Back discomfort from a wallet can be the source of many people’s pain or it can just be something that adds up over time.  It’s not like you are going to sit down on your wallet all of a sudden and have immediate back discomfort.  These things take time to manifest and to actually become a problem.  Think of your body as  a “house”, as many home owners know it takes work to make sure that house is properly functioning and a stable environment to live in.  Now, imagine if you are constantly putting that wallet in the back pocket and every time you are sitting down you are creating an unstable foundation (your basement keeps receiving structural blows).  You are not going to recognize the back discomfort initially, it will take time before you recognize “cracks” in your foundation.

Back discomfort from a wallet occurs over a long period of time.  Your body will begin to shift to accommodate for the wallet and create posture distortions throughout your entire spine.  These posture distortions will manifest as subluxations.  A subluxation is what chiropractors check your spine for and, if necessary, adjust.  Subluxations create dysfunction within your entire body by creating a central nerve system disturbance.  This disturbance will put your body on a constant state of protection and more specifically on the fast track for the stress response.  Back discomfort will not be apparent at first from a wallet, your body will develop signs and symptoms letting you know that organs, cells, tissues, and glands are not properly functioning.  Then, years down the road the back discomfort will appear.

Specific chiropractic adjustments will ensure that your body is healing and restoring normal spinal curvatures.  Taking the wallet out of the back pocket would most definitely help back discomfort.  Wallet out of the back pocket and specific chiropractic adjustments would ensure you are adapting and overcoming years of compensation.  Get checked!