Pursue Health Before Trauma

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Pursue Health Before Trauma

If you are in the pursuit of healthcare then look no further.  Ask yourself a simple question.  What is the most important structure within my body?  Brain, spine, or central nerve system should be your top answer.  Without health, life cannot simply manifest.  Health within a body comes from a clear and connected central nerve system.  Without a happy central nerve system you do not have health.  Trauma should not start your way towards health.

Before The Trauma

Chiropractor’s roughly take care of 10% of the population.  A solid chunk of this number is associated with people who have sustained a trauma.  Our society dictates that when a trauma occurs that we should see a chiropractor.  This is FALSE.  Chiropractic did not start on the doctrine that after your car accident you should see your chiropractor.  Chiropractors definitely can help and assist you after the accident, it is not what chiropractic stands for though.  Chiropractic focus on health and what causes somebody to be healthy and stay that way.

Seek Health Out

Chiropractic is the only profession that allows the body to adapt and heal without altering the body externally.  This meaning NOT taking drugs, lotions, or potions or something artificially to alter the body.  How to be healthy?  Seek active health care out before a trauma occurs.  The trauma is something that occurs on a regular basis.  It is not the sudden car accident we suspect.

Types of trauma that we are referring to are the repetitions in life.  Think of the things that you do over and over again.  Repetition is the top physical trauma that brings people into the office.  Imagine if I have bad posture today.  Chances are that tomorrow I will have the same posture.  If I have to look at a computer screen all day while sitting today.  My odds tomorrow is that I will do the same thing.

Let The Body Adapt

Allowing the central nerve system to be free and connected allows changes/adaptation to occur.  Changes to the CNS allows specific messages to the rest of the body to be at 100%.  Change is always good.  #getchecked