Muscle Pain Is Caused From What?

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Muscle Pain Is Caused From What?

Muscle pain is caused from what?  Before we go on with this blog let’s attack the known muscle pain that is often associated with a “Charley Horse”.  Charley Horses are often brought on after somebody directly or indirectly makes contact with their fist (or an object) to your arm, leg or other part of your body, thus resulting in a cramping sensation.  Muscle pain will often ensure after a Charley Horse.  So, now to talk about the other muscle pain that is chronic and often burdensome to others.  The musculoskeletal system is vitally important to maintaining life and allowing you to perform functions on a daily basis.  What wreaks havoc on our muscles?  Posture!  Poor posture is a catalyst for chronic muscle pain.  Look at our society and see how many people have desk related jobs where they are sitting for extended periods of time or constantly compromising their neck muscles while texting. 

As the story goes with chronic muscle pain there has to be an underlying reason why?  Enter the Nerve System!  The nerve system regulates and controls all other systems within the human body, and the musculoskeletal system is one of those.  The nerve system is protected by your spinal bones and within your spine you are supposed to have three curvatures when visualizing somebody from the side and then a straight spine when visualizing somebody from the front or back.  Subluxations within the spine occur without you noticing and take time to manifest until you actually notice a symptom such as chronic pain.  A subluxation places stress upon your spinal nerves which in turn creates a central nerve system dysfunction within your body.  Posture plays a key role in the creation of subluxations by creating improper curvatures within the spine.  As these improper curvatures continually progress your spinal nerves are disconnected from sending proper messages to organs, cells, tissues, and muscle.  Muscle pain progresses due to your body constantly wanting to walk straight and fighting the constant improper posture brought on by subluxations.  Your muscles begin over-firing on one side and under-firing on the other side of your spine or both sides can be constantly over-firing (everyone is different).  

By correcting the subluxations with specific chiropractic care your body is properly connected and transmitting messages to your muscles.  Restoring proper curvatures within the spine enables your nerve system to function at its optimal capacity which allows your musculoskeletal system to fire appropriately, which in time decreases muscle pain.  The body is an amazing structure, treating muscle pain with over the counter medication or potions only covers up the true underlying reason.  Have your nerve system evaluated and get checked for possible subluxations.


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