How To Ditch The Junk And Create Health

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Ditch the Junk and Create Health

Is It Healthcare or Sick-care?

It’s the end of January and the New Year started with a BANG.  Either you have set the stage to create health and are continuing on your journey, or maybe you just need a little push.  The “healthcare” industry thrives on the New Year and people looking for a fresh start.  Wikipedia put the definition of “Healthcare Industry” as such: The healthcare industry is an aggregation and integration of sectors within the economic system that provides goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care.  The healthcare industry is ranked 4th of all industries in the United States.  When measuring the US healthcare compared to others, study after study continuously ranked the US in the bottom half.  What exactly does that mean?  Despite high spending on health care, the U.S. population has poor health.

Create Health by Eliminating Junk

To create health, you need to eliminate the junk that you have been exposed to.  Gimmicks, trends, health fads and the newest and latest PILLS.  It’s literally junk.  Here’s a nice tid-bit of information for you.  The FDA stated that 70% of all supplement companies violate agency rules.  This means there is no filter for what they can create, produce and SAY to get you thinking that you will benefit from one of their potions. This is not even talking about medicine and the pills they produce, this is just the supplement industry itself.  Just think, if their efficacy has such low standards, what other rules are they manipulating?  They will say anything to make you think that they can “cure, heal, or fix” you.

Create Health with the Foundation First

A healthy inside creates a healthy outside.  The inside we are referring to is the central nerve system (CNS).  The CNS made every organ, tissue, and cell in your body.  If you want to be healthy make sure your spine, which protects the CNS, is completely free of interference. It’s no secret, trend, or new fad that creating a healthy you begins with the inside first.  Specific Chiropractic care does not sell you anything.  Chiropractic care only enables your body to do what it is supposed to do…be healthy.  #getchecked

3 Reasons Tight Muscles Deplete Your Energy

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3 Reasons Tight Muscles Deplete Your Energy

#1 Tight Tight Tight

The first and most obvious reason that tight muscles deplete your energy is because you just got done working out.  This is stating the obvious, yet sometimes is often misunderstood.  Any form of physical fitness is great for the body.  When performing exercise your muscles require energy; it’s give and take.  Just like fueling your car for a long road-trip.  This cause and effect of exercising is to be expected.  With this being said, let’s explore the unknown reasons of tight muscles.

# 2 Spinal Misalignment = Tight Muscles

Spinal misalignments, also called subluxations, exist unknowingly.  This is the same notion as a cavity in your mouth going unnoticed for years.  Subluxations place undue stress on the spinal nerves.  Stress…Who likes to have to stress in their lives?  Just about nobody.  So, imagine a nerve that is supposed to supply your cells with abundance of life happens to be stressed.  This will result in your body working unnecessarily harder and faster in the organs, glands, tissues, and muscles that it supplies.  Working harder uses fuel faster than it should.  Subluxations will deplete energy stores without notice.

# 3 Fighting Gravity Requires Energy

Gravity exists whether you believe it or not.  Newton’s law of universal gravitation acts on our bodies every single day.  The spine is designed primarily to protect the central nervous system (Brain & Spinal Cord) and secondly to keep us upright.  The spine is supposed to be completely straight when visualizing it from face to face with somebody. When a subluxation is present in the spine it places constant stress on the nerves. A healthy spine, free of subluxations, alleviates the stress on the nervous system, which in turn limits your total energy expenditure.  By maintaining your spinal hygiene you are maintaining your overall health and energy at the same time.




You NEVER Get Adjusted Just Once

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You NEVER Get Adjusted Just Once

Wow, pretty straight forward.  How much sense does getting adjusted just once really make?  Let’s switch the wording and see how it holds up if you still think chiropractic is a ‘quick fix’.  “You only have to brush your teeth just once.”  Your dentist would be furious if you only brushed your teeth just once.  Literally.  At least we hope your dentist would be upset for taking such poor care of your oral hygiene.  The same can be said for your overall health and well-being.  If you only get adjusted just once, then only eat your fruits and vegetables on one day.

Adjusted: The One And Done…

Chiropractic patients all over the world have heard of a brother’s second cousin, step-sister’s fiancee, who married Aunt Claire’s step-son who received ONE adjustment and was cured.  Okay, so rationalize that someone in acute pain/discomfort who has hit rock bottom only has one way to go. They have to go up, and up is a positive experience.  That doesn’t mean their body is cured, fixed, healed, or better.  9 out of 10 times that patient has been living in pain/discomfort for 5+ years unnoticed.  We do not rationalize that asthma, allergies, constipation, diverticulitis, lethargy or ANY symptom is painful.

Adjust Your Thoughts

A subluxation disconnects the brain – body highway.  Therefore, the brain creates a new inner reality and environment for the body to live in.  No one said it’s a healthy one.  It’s surviving, though, and at least getting you through the day.  Luckily it does not have to be that way though.  Creating positive memory begins and ends with the central nerve system.  Just like learning the fine arts of playing the piano.  Repetition not only builds and allows one’s body to adapt, it is also proactive.  Brushing your teeth, getting your spine checked, eating right, exercising…it’s hard-work.  Keep it up.  Get adjusted regularly.


3 Reasons Why You Do Not Want The ‘Quick Fix’

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3 Reasons Why You DO NOT Want The ‘Quick Fix’

The so called ‘Quick Fix’ sometimes unfortunately is associated with chiropractic.  When it actually is the farthest thing from the truth.  The most popular search engine Google even states: An easy remedy or solution, especially a temporary one which fails to address underlying problems = Quick Fix.  Attempting for this is a waste of time, resources, and will plague your body in the long run if not properly addressed.

The Fix Doesn’t Fix Anything

The so called quick fix really doesn’t fix anything.  Plain and simple.  Visiting a chiropractor for a quick fix is essentially the same thing as having the engine repair light pop-up in your car and you simply put some duct tape over it to block it out.  What does that accomplish?  Aesthetically everything might “look” happy, in reality though you are creating more chaos and harm.  Your body cannot be in a state of shock and healing at the same time.  You cannot put a foot on the gas pedal and brake pedal at the same time and expect positive outcomes.

Get The “Feel Goodie” Endorphins Working

When chiropractic care is used for urgent care the body will automatically be in a state of shock when entering the office.  When a chiropractor adjusts an area that is acute, inflamed, and severely irritated the body has no other option but to release feel good endorphin’s and hormones.  Your body is in a state of shock.  Granted you will “feel” good afterwards.  It does not mean that you are better whatsoever. Endorphins are there to protect you, not heal you.

“Fixing” Is Not Chiropractic

Chiropractic care does not fix anything.  Literally.  Poor choice or words.  Chiropractic care allows your body to adapt and heal from a stressor placed on it.  To apply more application for our choice of words, any doctor that takes credit for healing, curing, or fixing something is 100% wrong.  The body is the only thing that can truly heal itself.  Chiropractic allows your body to be properly connected (brain to body) so that healing capabilities can occur.

Have You Ever Seen Electricity?

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Have You Ever Seen Electricity?

The most obvious answer to the question that we pose is no.  You have not seen electricity.  Electricity is much as a phenomenon such as gravity is.  Whether you believe it or not, it is happening.  How do we even know if electricity works.  For the same instance that a light bulb can be powered on and energy is produced, we must assume that something is working.  Electricity has many positive merits as well as one negative, with enough electricity surged through someone it can end life.

Your Body Is Electric

It’s electricity!  When understanding the human body and what chiropractic care is, it very easy to associate with electricity.  As chiropractor’s we know that the body is a self regulating and self healing organism.  All intelligence of the human is organized and controlled via the central nerve system (CNS).  The CNS coordinates and controls all aspects of life, and it begins from the inside – out.  Messages from the CNS are sent to every cell in the human body from electrical impulses.  The energy of a nerve transmission is always electrical in nature.  When a nerve is excited and produces energy the transmission is traveling at 350 feet per second.  That’s electric!

Stay Plugged In

Nerve cells are designed specifically to transmit messages from one cell to another.  They are keen on making sure everything is communicating properly.  During “Life” stress occurs.  This stress alters the firing capacity and can even limit what the body is capable of doing.  When a nerve is acted upon (pressure) it initially becomes overstimulated.  This stimulation directly affects how the body functions.  Improper firing of the nerves occurs, abnormal patterns are initiated, and your body enters into a protection mode.  Chiropractic keeps the body properly functioning and plugged in.  Something works a lot better when it is plugged in.  Same thing with your body.  If your body is not properly plugged into the brain, chaos begins.


Do You Get Sick Often?

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Do You Get Sick Often?

What is your definition of a healthy body?  Is it someone that works-out every day?  Is it someone that eats smoothies twice a day?  What is considered healthy for one person is the complete opposite for the other.  Imagine you are constantly getting sick.  Obliviously if you are ‘getting’ sick over and over again your body is not responding to a stressor.  Your body is failing to adapt.

Enter the word vomit, also known as: puking, puke, retch, spew, heave, and gag.  Take for instance if I puke right now as I am writing this, is that a good thing or a bad thing?  The correct answer is GOOD.  My body is trying to coordinate a defense for some reason that my body is not properly functioning in correct harmony.  The body is trying to adapt .  Now, give or take some time.  Roughly a couple days the puking needs to stop.  The body should have healed from the forces that went against it.  If the puking continues for weeks and then months thus we just regard it as normal in our society.

Can You Heal From Being Sick

If you are constantly getting sick your body is not healing.  Being healthy is hard-work.  Your body will always do things to be constructive – not destructive for itself.  Recognize that if you having problems adapting to your environment you are not considered to be healthy.  In order to heal from being chronically sick your body first needs to adapt.  The body is not able to be in a fight/flight mode and a healing mode at the same time.

The Role Of Chiropractic

Chiropractic care focuses specifically on the central nerve system (CNS).  The CNS regulates and controls all matter within your body, including the immune system.  When the body becomes sick repeatedly, the body is not functioning correctly.  Subluxations occur within the spinal region disconnecting the brain – body connection.  When a chiropractor adjusts the spine, they are locating specific subluxations.  An adjustment allows the body to repair the brain – body connection.  Thus allowing adaptation to manifest to overcome chronic sickness.

How To Invest In Your Health

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How To Invest In Your Health

The best time to invest in your health is now.  In our current state of fast living and more, more, more the little things tend to be neglected.  There is a saying that tends to fit our current state of mind.  “Someone who is young and strives for wealth and neglects their health will often spend their wealth later in life to acquire their health.”  The one thing that you cannot get back is time.  Your health is an investment not an expense.  If we take our health seriously we need to start at the foundation of everything.  The inside.

Invest In The Inside

It’s what inside that matters most.  This is often expressed when dating somebody new and the same holds true for your health.  Invest in your health begins with your central nerve system.  This holds true because the central nerve system is the master controller in the body.  Every expression you have in your life is solely geared and constructed via your central nerve system.  Specific chiropractic check-ups ensure that your body is functioning at your optimal level.    That’s it, it’s very simple and to the point.  If you want to perform at 100% the inside needs to be working at 100%.

The Rest

After incorporating regular check-ups the rest is easy.  Start with the basics and do not over complicate things.  Taking care of your health is hard-work, thus it’s called an investment.  You need to incorporate regular physical exercise and a healthy sustained diet.  Remember everything is in moderation.  You don’t have to become a health nut and worry about eating potato chips.  What is not in moderation is medication.  The greatest medicine is to teach people how not to use it.  Invest on the inside first and then everything else will fall into place.  Simple.

Ever Heard Of Health Doctors Before?

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Ever Heard Of Health Doctors Before?

The entire concept of the phrase health doctors was initially brought to us by a new patient.  It’s amazing that the general public has a thorough understanding of what health is and what it is not.  This patient stated they conducted research and wanted to HEAL, they were tired of covering ‘things’ up. The biggest tenant that our society is starting to grasp, is that the body is self regulating and self healing.  You get cut, you heal.  You break a bone, it takes time and yet you still heal.  The body does not require anything else.

Who Be These Health Doctors

Well to put it in simplest form, it’s chiropractors.  Chiropractor’s do not take, add, or alter the body in any way .  Chiropractor’s simply remove interference which thus properly establishes proper communication from brain to body.  This interference comes in the form of a subluxation.  A subluxation places undo stress upon a specific nerve rendering your body in a state of fight or flight.  Think of plugging 30 electrical devices into a single outlet (with no surge protector).  Eventually when the outlet can not adapt to the stress placed on it, boom goes the breaker.  Much like a subluxation in the body.

Support Your Health

There is no specific form of healthcare like chiropractic.  While allopathic medicine has a need, much often it is resorted to replacing or covering something up.  When healing takes place you need to be omnipresent with your body and how things work and operate.  Health doctors have been around for a very long time and will continue to be productive in “getting” people better.  Ultimately you get to decide what you want to do for your own health.  There are no limits to what the human body is capable of when everything is connected.  The research is out there and will continue to mount up.

The Growing Trend Of Healthcare

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The Growing Trend Of Healthcare

Healthcare is a very distinct word that can be skewed to mean something completely different.  For instance healthcare is not visiting your medical doctor on a frequent basis for so called “Check-ups”.  Webster’s dictionary states : Health-care – efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially by trained and licensed professionals.  Taking care of your body is something that requires handwork and consistency.  It’s the little things that add up.

Healthcare Scams

Anyway that someone can try and make money off of somebody else happens all to often.  Here are some quick examples of why health sells in the marketplace.  All leading back to taking care of yourself is hard work.

  • Waist training belts. The idea that you can lose fat and get in shape by putting a vibrating belt on.  Listen up, exercise is hard to do and yet so rewarding when done right.
  • Diet pills.  Once again the concept that taking something artificial is going to change you.  Being diligent with your diet is tough work.  Limit your cheat days.
  • Fat-free food.  Depending on how much you know, trust me.  Fat is good in moderation and where it comes from.
  • Miracle Fixes.  There is nothing short of a miracle that would not have been discovered by now when it comes to health.  Health is not changing, our viewpoints are.

Back To The Basics For Specific Healthcare

When the body is weakened by stress, toxins, poor nutrition, or lack of exercise, disease has a better chance of getting a foothold.   Chiropractic ensures that the body is functioning at optimal potential without any gimmicks.  Realize that the central nerve system is what chiropractic focuses on.  A healthy and connected nerve system allows life to be expressed at 100% vitality.  ​The path to health is not easy. You must take time to eat right, prepare your day, and get adjusted. You must schedule exercise into your day. You must sleep well. You must be willing to take action.