Healthy Spine Care

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Healthy Spine Care

Spine care is usually a topic that appears for individuals only when they begin to suffer from some sort of neck or lower back pain.  Ultimately, we need to realize that taking care of our body begins with a healthy spine.  Your spine is the structure that supports and protects your central nerve system.  Everything you do in life is directly correlated with how your nerve system functions.  For instance, as we continue to grow older you will notice some of the elderly population with rounded backs, walking around looking at the ground.  How did this posture distortion start?  This process is due to improper spine care.  The brain sends its messages to all parts of the body through the spine.  The spine needs to be free and clear of obstacles in it’s way to ensure you are functioning at your optimal potential.  When a nerve becomes irritated, due to improper posture of your spine, your body begins to fight.  Improper muscle tension will develop, dysfunction to your vital organs, cells, tissues, and glands will begin.  This is the first stage and when you should recognize that something is wrong.  Your body will give you the signs and symptoms to notice dysfunction, it is your responsibility to act!

Spine care is essential to maintain a healthy functioning body.  A subluxation is what chiropractors find and adjust if necessary.  A subluxation is when a spinal bone moves out of alignment and wreaks havoc on your nerve system.  The reason being is that your spine is the information highway from your body to your brain and visa versa.  Proper spine care is making sure your spine is clear and free of subluxations, which in turn ensures keeping the communication open.

Measuring ones health can be categorized into posture.  It’s the ripple effect, improper posture leads to dysfunction in the nerve system; and the nerve system regulates and controls ALL!  Proper spine care is not a fad or a trend nor is your health.  Get checked for possible subluxations that are affecting your health.

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