Fighting Vertigo

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Fighting Vertigo

A sense of dizziness or the world spinning around you can be a very traumatic experience.  In most instances when someone is experiencing vertigo, they will also have other symptoms such as nausea, sweating, vomiting and even headaches.  The major key is not to treat the symptoms of vertigo that are being apparent and mask things, but to go after the cause and look for the root of the cause.  Vertigo occurs due to an injury sustained, accident, trauma, so many different types of variables.  How does vertigo become apparent though?   If your body begins to function improperly and manifests certain characteristics to protect yourself such as in the inner ear, then yes signs and symptoms will become apparent.   What controls everything you do in your body….that is right…NERVES!  Sensory nerves in particular are not functioning at 100% if vertigo is present.

Sensory nerves and your lower brain stem are in particular disarray when vertigo is present.  Communication is not being sent back and forth because a subluxation (what chiropractor’s find and adjust)is present.

Chiropractic speaking, if you do sustain a accident, trauma or a head injury we would examine the spinal column, especially the upper cervical area, specifically called your atlas (C1) and axis (C2).  When an injury occurs and your body goes into protection mode, those spinal bones can move and apply pressure on the nerves and the lower part of your brain stem.  Because, what controls spatial orientation, coordination, and postural tone…..that is right…NERVES!  Specific adjustments to your upper cervical area can restore your communication line and perform uninterrupted.

Even if you have not suffered from an accident, trauma, or injury and still have components of vertigo.  To have your nerve system checked by a chiropractor and to address the cause of your problems is the major premise that can assist and allow your body to HEAL.