Ear Infections In Babies The Natural Way

Ear infections in babies can be and is a very challenging time in parenthood.  Determining the right avenue to help your child and allow them to overcome the ear infection is our top priority.  Ear infections in babies are commonly met with antibiotics or surgical intervention.  While these methods might have a time and place for some, they should not be the first line of defense.  Ear infections in babies is often a symptom of an immune system out of balance.  The immune system can be challenged by environmental factors, diet, and most important, if it does not have a clear functioning nerve system.  If our child’s immune system is compromised then increased mucous production and inflammation begins thus resulting in infection.  

So, let’s go through the “norear infections in babiesmal medical” cycle of what happens with ear infections in babies.  An ear infection occurs so we think the “cure” is to use antibiotics when actually 70% of all ear infections are caused by viruses.  Administer improper antibiotics which predispose our child to repeat infections and illness by destroying the good bacteria in the body.  Ear infection occurs again so we repeat the process, eventually until the parents have had enough and they put tubes in the ear to drain the fluid.  A weakened immune system occurs due to improper administration of antibiotics, this makes our children more susceptible to having another infection.  If we just stop there we might be okay, but then this continues to our child’s tonsils and we think they have to be removed. (Chronic and repetitive illness will cause them to be irritated)

Ear infections in babies the natural way can and should be dealt with by means of chiropractic.  Chiropractic adjustments restore proper connection to your nerve system which regulates and controls your immune system.  The nerves regulate and control everything that you do!  Proper nerve function allows normal motion of the eustachian tubes and proper ear drainage.  Having a properly functioning nerve system is KEY to preventing reoccurring ear infections in babies by allowing the body to function the way it is intended…naturally.  Regular spinal adjustment ensure ear infections in babies resolve naturally and allow your child to be healthy.