Bed Wetting defeated through chiropractic care

By October 7, 2014 Benefits of Chiropractic

Bed Wetting defeated through chiropractic care

Bed wetting can be a very trying part of our lives for both parents and more importantly our children.  You might just think that chiropractic is just for adults.  Well, that is not the case.  Chiropractic has a message and purpose for all.  A common word that is used daily in our office, in our blog, and in many chiropractic offices is subluxation.  A subluxation is a misaligned spinal bone that inhibits proper nerve communication to have an optimal life.  Guess what?  There happens to be nerves that control your urinary system.  In fact nerves control every organ, every cell, and tissue in your body.  If your child has a subluxation, this causes stress on those specific nerves which will inhibit the communication process to their urinary system.  If there is a subluxation present in your child, you can pursue alternative methods, maybe even diapers, or setting ten different alarms, or just waiting for them to hopefully grow out of it.  However, they do not grow out of subluxations.  So, the problem that was there and you let slip away is still present, your child just exhibits signs and symptoms in other forms.

When your child is sleeping the master control “head honcho”…..your brain should be working and sending communications all over.  If a subluxation is present, the communication that the brain should be sending will not make it to the urinary system, thus resulting in something we don’t like!  How would you know to even think of chiropractic care for bed wetting?  My child doesn’t  have back pain, doesn’t have a headache!  That is why we are writing this blog and spreading the word!  To many think that chiropractic is just pain related.  Always remember, the first chiropractic adjustment was not for low back pain!  Chiropractic is designed to allow your body to have optimal function, even as a child!

The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that one-quarter of the 171 children in the study adjusted with chiropractic had a 50 percent reduction of wet nights.  Significant!  Bye bye bed wetting.

Let us talk real quick about malformations in the spinal bones.  Also known as congenital anomalies.   One of the most malformed bones in the human body is the sacrum.  Early detection is needed to establish for proper correction at a young age.  Your sacrum has numerous nerves that control your function.  Establishing proper motion with chiropractic adjustments helps set a standard of optimal function! Have your child checked for subluxations so bed wetting is eliminated from the equation.