Top Reasons ADD/ADHD and Chiropractic Find Focus

By August 25, 2016 January 17th, 2018 ADHD, Benefits of Chiropractic, Ear Infections

Top Reasons ADD/ADHD and Chiropractic Find Focus

The Approach To ADD/ADHD

Chiropractors understand that the most important system in the entire body is the nerve system.  The spine is the gateway which allows for ALL communication between the brain and the body and visa versa.  Subluxations are what chiropractors are trained to access the spine for and adjust if necessary.  A subluxation causes dysfunction within the entire central nerve system causing disruption of proper nerve system communication.  Physical stressors such as birth trauma or intrauterine constraint, chemical stressors such as diet or medication and emotional stressors such as anxiety or sleeping problems can lead to subluxations.

What Is The Cause

ADD/ADHD when using the term comes off as a diagnosis that is unexplained and just typically happens.  ADD/ADHD are states of imbalance in the central nerve system, usually with one of the systems working harder than the other.  The autonomic nerve system divides into two divisions, the fight or flight reponse side or the rest and relaxation side.  When the body perceives it is in danger such as subluxation from stressors in our life the fight or flight response is triggered.  Your child is then in a protective mode of being in a constant state of fight or flight.  This results in inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

Action Steps For ADD/ADHD

Natural choices that parents can make for their children have been tested and have survived the test of time.  We do not have to make “Health” a complicated thing, no medication is required when accessing the nerve system.  By properly accessing the nerve system and providing a proper functioning system for children with ADD/ADHD you can achieve improvements in their lifestyle.  If the nerve system is properly functioning than all other systems will be firing and working at their optimal potential.