The Fact’s Of Scoliosis Chiropractic

Some cold hard facts of scoliosis chiropractic care.  Scoliosis chiropractic care is essential and vitally important to correct the on-going posture distortions that will plague an individual if uncorrected.  Scoliosis is improper curvatures of the spinal column when looking at another individual face on.  Your spine is designed to have three major curvatures when visualizing someone from the lateral aspect.  When someone has curvatures in their spine when looking at the front of the individual that causes harm to their body.  Your spine encloses and protects the most important system in your body, the nerve system.  If there are improper curvatures within the spine then, as a direct correlation you will have dysfunction within your nerve system.  Are you wondering if scoliosis chiropractic care is for you?  If you have a nerve system then yes!

Many think that genetics or a deformity in the spine causes scoliosis.  While these two variables can play a part in scoliosis, the true cause relates to the functional activity of the nerve system.  Muscles play a major role in keeping the spine straight.  Your musculoskeletal system is regulated and controlled by your nerves.  So, your muscles will not receive proper communication and thus results in scoliosis.  Scoliosis chiropractic care focuses specifically on the function of the nerve system.

One of the major components of scoliosis chiropractic care is proper X-ray imaging.  X-ray imaging is essential to visualize and perform specific adjustments to the vertebrae of concern.  Here at Carlson Chiropractic Office we utilize full spine X-rays to visualize and take the time to properly access everyone individually.  Scoliosis chiropractic care has to be specific and personalized for everyone.  Taking care of your spine ensures that health and longevity will continue via a healthy nerve system.  Now is the time for scoliosis chiropractic care!  Have your nerves checked.