Gut Problems – How Your Health Begins From The Inside

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Gut Problems – How Your Health Begins From The Inside

Gut problems?  Understanding the gut is crucial in how are bodies are functioning.  Often we take for granted the imporance of the gut and how it reveals our bodies overall health and well-being.  What specifically are we talking about when referring to gut problems? The particular organs associated with the “gut” are the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.  These organs are broken down into three distinct parts of maintaining a healthy body.  The importance of maintaining the function of the gut is crucial to everything else in the body.  Why?  Because the central nerve system (CNS) controls, regultes, and coordinates every gut FUNCTION.  And most people do not associate gut problems with overall health.

Gut Problems Tell The Story Often Neglected

Healthy spine = healthy gut = healthy body.  The reason to use the gut as a picture of overall health is to understand the CNS first.  The brain sends messages down via the spinal cord and the nerves exit the spinal column and regulates the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.  When gut problems occur people think directly that the gut is faulty, not the area controlling it.  When the spine is misaligned it will lead to altered digestive function.  Simple.  Now, if you decide to eat week old scrambled eggs and have some gut problems, don’t blame the CNS.  Cause and effect will surely do.

The Gut/Core – Your Measuring Stick

A hot topic in our society is the brain-gut connection or leaky gut or anything associated with the gut.  Now, to be witty we have always understood that the brain controls the gut.  It is not some new scientific exploration.  The light-bulbs being turned on for people is the significance of the gut and how it is used as a measuring stick for our overall health.  Misalignments in the spine do not take days off.  Which means your health does not rest.  Being healthy is hard work, it all begins and ends with the central nerve system.  If your unsure about your current health status consider your gut and how it functions.  It will lead you back to the beginning.



What Does “My Back’s Out” Actually Mean?

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What Does “My Back’s Out” Actually Mean?

If you have ever heard someone say that “My back’s out”, what in actuality do you think that means?  In chiropractic schooling we have not been taught this meaning before.  This term “My back’s out” is something that our society uses to classify some sort of back ailment.  To answer the question, let’s look into what people are actually trying to make sense of.

 My Back’s Out To Dinner?

No, your back does not go out to dinner without you.  What are people actually feeling?  Enter the subluxation.  When a subluxtion is present within the spine for years and goes on unintended, it begins to manifest.  A subluxation is chronic irritation to a nerve fiber.  When a nerve becomes irritated the brain does not fully grasp what is going on inside the body.  The brain becomes disconnected and the body begins to suffer.  A subluxation creates different patterns within the body.  One doctor of chiropractic described a subluxation as creating a new inner reality of what we perceive as healthy.

Your Back Does Not Leave You

Your back cannot simply go “out.”  The cold hard truth is that what people actually begin to feel is often muscle imbalances.  When a subluxation exists for an extended period of time uncorrected the brain will create abnormal movement patterns.  These patterns are facilitated and controlled via an irritated nerve fiber.  Ask yourself, do you feel happy when you are irritated?  Most likely not, so imagine the distraught messages the nerve will be sending to the muscles when irritated for numerous years.  Chronic muscle spasms, knots, tension, and other characteristics of a subluxation will manifest superficially within your body.  Often, this is what people will begin to express as their “back going-out.”

Get “It” Back In

With regards to your back “going -out” the same can be said for your back “getting – in.”  When you do get adjusted your back does not simply go “back in.”  The noises that you hear after an adjustment is called a cavitation or often referred to as: popping, cracking, snapping, etc.  Instantly you can feel good after an adjustment due to hormones being released.  It takes time to fully retrain the central nerve system. Get your nerves checked and ask your chiropractor questions. #getchecked

Ever Become Dis-Connected In A Phone Call?

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Ever Become Dis-connected In A Phone Call?

When talking on the phone and you immediately lose connection with the other person can become very frustrating.  Often times due to poor reception or maybe even hitting a wrong button.  Regardless of the reason why it happened, it is frustrating yet the same.  The worst case is when your talking and explaining a story for 10 minutes and there is nobody else on the line.  You were dis-connected the entire time without even knowing.  The same can be said for a subluxation.  A subluxation is dis-connected.  A subluxation does not all full power to the brain to body communication lines.

I Feel Like I Know When I Am Dis-connected

The age old adage “My back is outta whack” or “My back is out.”  Perfectly honest, I do not know what that means.  Now, we know that pain itself will be the last symptom that your body reports to the brain.  What people actually are trying to convey is that their muscles have been creating ABNORMAL movements to compensate for their subluxation.  Remember, nerves control the muscles.  When the muscles are overworking thus tension, spasm, knots are created.  A subluxation can go on for years without a body fully responding to it’s limitations.  Then after years of diconnect with he brain, enter the vocabulary “My back is outta whack.”

Get Connected Not Dis-connected

Long before the subluxation actually truly manifests you are losing full power to the area that the nerve supplies.  A subluxation is like a constant dimming of the lights.  Even though you can do everything you want with half power, your body is still not at full power.  Running on half power can only last for some time.  Specific chiropractic adjustments to areas of subluxations allow the body to re-boot.  An adjustment it like re-booting your computer and starting afresh again.  It allows the body to adapt and to heal to the dysfunction that has been present for some time.  You will always heal and adapt if you let your body do what it is supposed to do.

The Spine – Protecting Your Bodies Body Armor

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The Spine – Protecting Your Bodies Body Armor

The very first entity that is developed in the embryonic stage is the central nerve system (CNS).  This is the brain, spinal cord, and surrounding nerves.  The most important system within the entire body is the central nerve system.  For it builds, develops, and CREATES all other systems within the developing body.  Does this seem important to you?  You better believe it.  This is simply due to the fact that life would simply not exist without the CNS.  With the importance of the CNS it needs to be protected.  Enter the spine.  The spine has important roles to play.  The most obvious and distinct is to protect and provide body armor for your CNS.

The Spine Is “Outta Whack”

This verbiage is often utilized to describe something that is not really happening.  If the spine was really “outta whack” you would not be alive.  It’s just words that we like to describe some sort of pain or discomfort felt in the back region.  So, what really happens when the spine is neglected?  Subluxations occur.  Subluxations are what chiropractors are trained to locate and adjust specifically.  A subluxation creates a disconnect with the brain – body connection.  Think of the brain as the all seeing eye.  When a spinal bone/disc irritate a specific nerve fiber it creates dysfunction with what that nerve is supposed to be performing.  What is the nerve supposed to be doing?  Remember that nerve built, developed, and created all the other system in the body.  So, now it has to keep them operational.

Can I Get A New Spine

One subluxation will create havoc on the entire spine.  As a result of a subluxation the spine will create abnormal movement patterns to compensate.  Your spine needs to be freely movable and free of limitations.  Life is motion and motion is life.  Specific motion into a subluxation allows the brain – body connection to once again be established.  You only have one spine, so take care of it.  For taking care of your spine is ensuring your taking care of your health.


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It’s What’s Inside That Counts: Facts About The Spine

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It’s What’s Inside That Counts: 3 Facts About The Spine

The age old adage, “It’s what’s inside that counts.”  Powerful words to live by if you actually break the sentence down and live by it.  The healthiest people are the ones that understand health begins from the inside.  Specifically speaking the spine which houses the central nerve system.  For the sake of the blog we will be talking directly about the spine (spinal column, the vertebrae).  Not neglecting the importance of the central nerve system, just separating out the two distinct entities.

Fact 1: The Sole Importance Of Your Spine

The spine is also known as the spinal column, vertebral column, or even people say your back bone.  Whatever suits your fancy.  The first importance of the spine is to be a coat of armor for the most important thing in your entire body, the central nerve system.  The spine is made up of 24 collective bones.  Bones are hard and dense.  They serve to protect you and keep your central nerve system from harms way.

Fact 2:  It’s All About Curves

The spinal column is designed to have 3 curvatures within it when viewing somebody from the side view.  These curves act as giant shock absorbs for your constant wear and tear on the body.  When you look at someone face to face there the spinal column should be completely straight.  Gravity is constantly being applied to you everyday.  Having strong structural curves allows your body to adapt to the physical stress.

Fact 3:  Start Young When Addressing The Spine

Guess what?  Kids and chiropractic makes sense.  Did you know that children have approximately 33 vertebrae?  The word approximately is used loosely due to the fact that they are still growing.  These bones are constantly being formed and fused together. It is no secret to parents that health problems begin early in life.  Look at the physical stress a child endures during birth, learning to crawl, walk, run, dance, and live.  Look towards the spinal column to address ones overall health.

Do You Get Sick Often?

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Do You Get Sick Often?

What is your definition of a healthy body?  Is it someone that works-out every day?  Is it someone that eats smoothies twice a day?  What is considered healthy for one person is the complete opposite for the other.  Imagine you are constantly getting sick.  Obliviously if you are ‘getting’ sick over and over again your body is not responding to a stressor.  Your body is failing to adapt.

Enter the word vomit, also known as: puking, puke, retch, spew, heave, and gag.  Take for instance if I puke right now as I am writing this, is that a good thing or a bad thing?  The correct answer is GOOD.  My body is trying to coordinate a defense for some reason that my body is not properly functioning in correct harmony.  The body is trying to adapt .  Now, give or take some time.  Roughly a couple days the puking needs to stop.  The body should have healed from the forces that went against it.  If the puking continues for weeks and then months thus we just regard it as normal in our society.

Can You Heal From Being Sick

If you are constantly getting sick your body is not healing.  Being healthy is hard-work.  Your body will always do things to be constructive – not destructive for itself.  Recognize that if you having problems adapting to your environment you are not considered to be healthy.  In order to heal from being chronically sick your body first needs to adapt.  The body is not able to be in a fight/flight mode and a healing mode at the same time.

The Role Of Chiropractic

Chiropractic care focuses specifically on the central nerve system (CNS).  The CNS regulates and controls all matter within your body, including the immune system.  When the body becomes sick repeatedly, the body is not functioning correctly.  Subluxations occur within the spinal region disconnecting the brain – body connection.  When a chiropractor adjusts the spine, they are locating specific subluxations.  An adjustment allows the body to repair the brain – body connection.  Thus allowing adaptation to manifest to overcome chronic sickness.

Low Energy Bringing You Down?

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Low Energy Bringing You Down?

Having the capacity to make it through the day can be a struggle when you have low energy.  When your body is not properly supplied and coordinated, road blocks become evident and destroy your quality of life.

Easy Reasons For Low Energy Stores

  • Not receiving enough rest at the end of the day can deplete your energy stores.  Get your 8 hours of sleep and be done with it!  Easy!
  • Let your food be your guide to a well nourished body.  Not eating sufficient amounts of substantial foods can weaken your energy stores.
  • Physical exercise on a daily basis is a must.  If you are not giving your body physical exertion you will not replenish your energy stores.
  • Poor posture.  It is really hard to have good posture and maintain it.  Though when you have bad posture your body actually works harder and faster to make sure you are walking around straight.

Subluxation Causes Low Energy

Your body is designed to coordinate and receive all information regarding life via your central nerve system.  A subluxation places a “road-block” on your communication lines by placing undo stress upon a nerve.  Think of a subluxation as a downed power line.  When the body is not properly connected to it’s source, optimal function is not fully acquired.  The subluxation results in interference with the transmission of life.  The body begins to work harder and faster than it should due to this disconnect.  As a direct result your body is in overdrive trying to survive on a day to day basis.

Re-Connect The Energy

We recommend to simply have your nerves checked for possible interference.  When the subluxation is present within the body, you cannot function at 100%.   You cannot have full energy power.  Your power source is and always will be the central nerve system.  Regardless of your health habits to assist with energy levels, starting off at the basis with chiropractic is your foundation.

Tips To Lower The Anxiety

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Tips To Lower The Anxiety

Anxiety or any emotional stress for that matter can destroy the body over time.  Say for instance the upcoming holiday season that is upon us.  This can be a time often filled with some sort of emotional stress that can last for the day or months after the initial episode.  The choice is up to you.

Take Away The Anxiety

Any anxiety that you encounter alters every function in the body.  How so?  The central nerve system controls regulates and coordinates all actions and all behaviors that you experience.  Have you ever had “Butterflies In the Stomach” before?  It’s not that we are walking around swallowing a bunch of butterflies.  A specific part of the central nerve system called the pre-frontal cortex is responsible for such actions.  Now, imagine if there is a disconnect from what the pre-frontal cortex communicates to the rest of the body due to an altered thought process.  As a direct result every cell in the body is dysfunctional.

Positive Attitude

Having a positive mindset is a top priority to maintaining your quality of life.  Staying positive like a proton goes a long way.  While staying positive can help you “feel” better, only your nerve system can allow you to heal from a stressor.  Having a positive mindset comes with fueling the body in a correct manner.

Lifestyle Habits To Combat Anxiety

Relieving anxiety starts with making sure your nerve system is properly connected.  Without this, everything else can fall to the wayside.  This can start with you by working on your own spinal alignment, its called posture!  Having correct posture “segways” into exercise.  Proper posture is hard to do, and guess what?  It’s actually an exercise you can do every single day of your life.  Sure, you have to incorporate other exercises such as walking, running, yoga, weight-lifting, or whatever suites your fancy.  Diet is a necessary component as well.  Re-charge with  substantial nutrients that incorporates a well balanced diet.


Being Pregnant And Comfortable

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Being Pregnant And Comfortable

Being pregnant and comfortable might sound like an odd phrase for those who have a stereotypical mindset of what pregnancy is.  The Hollywood persona that pregnancy has to be this awful and grueling experience is not the case.  It is totally okay to have an amazing experience with your pregnancy and be happy about the season of your life!

Get Comfortable & Stay Comfortable

The amount of changes pregnancy brings with your body is substantial.  Increased in appetite, frequent urination, pelvic changes, constipation, heartburn, and the list goes on and on.  Any sign or symptom that your body gives you is letting you know that something is amiss.  This is directly related to your nerve system.  Show a chiropractor a sign or symptom and we will show you a specific nerve.  Your nerve system is working in overdrive when going through pregnancy and developing a new life.  Calm the nerve system down and gain being comfortable during this experience.

Invest In Being Pregnant

The time you have during your pregnancy can either be a blessing in the future or set you up for problems down the road.  Eating food with proper substance and still allowing physical activity to be a part of your pregnancy is so crucial.  These habits will form into long lasting habitual consistencies later in life.  Regular chiropractic check-ups is fundamental while you are pregnant to establish proper function.  Not just for the typical aches and pains with pregnancy but for weathering the storm.

Paying It Forward

Motion is critical to ones life.  Proper motion within the spine is fundamental in allowing your body to heal and to adapt.  After the pregnancy is through your body begins to heal.  Your recovery time is paramount to how your nerve system was and will be post pregnancy.  We understand that pregnancy is stressful on the females body.  Stress in any part of the nervous system may result in a variety of health problems throughout the body.

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The Effects Of Physical Stress On The Body

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The Effects Of Physical Stress On The Body

The effects of physical stress on the body is one of the most detrimental factors associated with someones health and well-being.  Long-standing physical stress that goes uncorrected distorts the spinal column which protects the most important system in your entire body, the central nerve system.  Remember that the body is an entire unit.  For example if someone has a sprained ankle, the sprained ankle is not the only part of the body that suffers.

The Superhighway Of The Body

The stress that  we undergo is different for everybody.  This can include sitting down for extended periods of time, sports, looking at a screen all day, and the list goes on.  If the physical stress is a daily routine you are never giving your body proper time to heal and adapt.  Thus distorting your bodies entire bio-mechanics wreaking havoc on your spinal column.  A subluxation what chiropractors are trained to located and adjust if necessary will wreak havoc on your superhighway (central nerve system).  A subluxation is often created when the body is placed under physical stress for a period of time.

Reconnect From Physical Stress

Physical stress distorting your bodies ability to function disconnects the superhighways ability to be constantly be operating at 100%.  You need a physical solution to help fix a physical problem that your body is encountering.  Specific adjustments reconnect the body superhighway by removing subluxations thus allowing your body to heal.  To go after the true cause of your stress, look towards the spine first.  By influencing the central nerve system the effects of stress do not have to be as detrimental.  Your quality of healing from stress is directly proportional to the capacity of the central nerve system.  Remember the central nerve system regulate’s and control all aspects of the healing phase.