Do You Have Patience To “Get Better”

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Do You Have The Patience To “Get Better”?

Do you have the patience to get better?  As Americans we have a ‘fast-food’ mentality.  We want and need things NOW. Anything that takes time has to come with a warning label!  Who would enforce the warning label though? There are entire industries out there hoping that you are looking for the ‘quick fix’ and will feed on your need for speed.    We are becoming a society that expects the ‘quick fix’. However, we will almost always become disappointed with the results. What happened to patience? We must learn the virtue of patience.  With patience comes results…in everything.

Do Not Neglect The Time

Once you go to a chiropractor you will have to keep going for the rest of your life.  Have you heard this before? In a way, it is true. Your chiropractor should explain to you why this is.  Chiropractic care allows the body to heal and adapt to both external and internal stressors without taking medication, invasive shots, surgeries or other forms of western medicine.  Chiropractic care enables your body to accomplish this by focusing on the central nerve system (CNS). With a healthy CNS you will have a healthy body. It’s a fact. It’s proven. It’s science.  It’s the truth and no one can dispute the significance of a healthy CNS. What is required with chiropractic care? Patience and time. The body requires time to heal. For example, Think of how much damage is done to your tissue cells when you break a bone or get a cut on your hand.  Anything that damages the TISSUE CELL requires time to repair and heal. There is a lot to rebuild.

Patience Is Needed, Oh Tissue Cell

The tissue cell requires your patience.    Want to build muscle by lifting weights? Change the tissue cell.  Want to learn to play the guitar? Change the tissue cell. Want to change improper curves in your spine?  Change the tissue cell. We can keep going on and on about other examples, but what all of this points back to is the word patience.  When your CNS is not adapting correctly, the tissue cell learns negative memory. Change the memory with positive repetitive actions, e.g., chiropractic care.  This is why your chiropractor will tell you to come back again. #getchecked


The Growing Trend Of Healthcare

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The Growing Trend Of Healthcare

Healthcare is a very distinct word that can be skewed to mean something completely different.  For instance healthcare is not visiting your medical doctor on a frequent basis for so called “Check-ups”.  Webster’s dictionary states : Health-care – efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially by trained and licensed professionals.  Taking care of your body is something that requires handwork and consistency.  It’s the little things that add up.

Healthcare Scams

Anyway that someone can try and make money off of somebody else happens all to often.  Here are some quick examples of why health sells in the marketplace.  All leading back to taking care of yourself is hard work.

  • Waist training belts. The idea that you can lose fat and get in shape by putting a vibrating belt on.  Listen up, exercise is hard to do and yet so rewarding when done right.
  • Diet pills.  Once again the concept that taking something artificial is going to change you.  Being diligent with your diet is tough work.  Limit your cheat days.
  • Fat-free food.  Depending on how much you know, trust me.  Fat is good in moderation and where it comes from.
  • Miracle Fixes.  There is nothing short of a miracle that would not have been discovered by now when it comes to health.  Health is not changing, our viewpoints are.

Back To The Basics For Specific Healthcare

When the body is weakened by stress, toxins, poor nutrition, or lack of exercise, disease has a better chance of getting a foothold.   Chiropractic ensures that the body is functioning at optimal potential without any gimmicks.  Realize that the central nerve system is what chiropractic focuses on.  A healthy and connected nerve system allows life to be expressed at 100% vitality.  ​The path to health is not easy. You must take time to eat right, prepare your day, and get adjusted. You must schedule exercise into your day. You must sleep well. You must be willing to take action.


The Rise Of Asthma Symptoms

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The Rise Of Asthma Symptoms

The rise of asthma symptoms in our society means only one thing, more people have asthma.  Simple!  We measure the health of our society either based on the elderly or the young.  For me, I like to think if our young our healthy then we as a society are healthy.  Let’s be honest, asthma symptoms have continued to rise and for some that is the least of their concerns along with their myriad of other complaints.  More and more children are diagnosed with asthma than any other “disease”.  Asthma symptoms and understanding how the body works can be the tip of the iceberg for some.  If the body is constantly expressing itself with asthma symptoms, your body is in a constant state of fight.  Realize, symptoms in one aspect of the body defines the entire body.  Just imagine how else your body is attacking itself when constantly being bombarded with countermeasures to survive.

Relating asthma symptoms and chiropractic is as easy as peanut butter and jelly.  When there is abnormal autonomic nerve system responsiveness, this contributes to pathogenesis of asthma and other allergic diseases.  Chiropractor’s check and detect for possible subluxations within one’s body and adjust those subluxations if necessary to restore proper communication.  Subluxation’s create abnormal autonomic nerve system responses.  Chronic asthma symptoms are abnormal responses.  Your body should recognize a pathogen and fight, protect itself, and WIN!  What your body should not do is have a chronic battle that is life limiting and in constant state of protection over and over again.  So, an easy way to mask asthma symptoms is through medication.  The so called quick “fix.”  How about visiting a chiropractor and addressing the cause of your health condition?  How about having your children checked for possible subluxations that can be stimulating adverse asthma symptoms?  Get checked.

The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine, William Osler, M.D..  Don’t cover up asthma symptoms, address the underlying cause.