You Have No Role In Your OWN Healing…Lie

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You Have No Role In Your OWN Healing…False!

The statement that we have been told in our society is that “you have no role in your own healing,” and we need to ‘trust’ the system.  What a big, fat LIE.  The more you actually believe this, the sicker we become.  Contrary to popular belief, you have every chance and opportunity to enable your body to heal.  You just need to listen to it.  You need to be taught the RIGHT way.  As a doctor of Chiropractic, I embrace the role of doctor.  Doctor means teacher.  Let’s continue.

Healing Starts from The Inside

The capacity for cells to heal starts from the inside with the Central Nerve System.  The CNS makes and coordinates every cell in your body, and cannot afford to take days off.  So, why do some heal faster than others?  If your CNS is intact and properly coordinating messages to every part of your body, your body will adapt and overcome.  Guess what?  You do not have to take any pill, supplement, or get zapped by a laser beam for this to happen.

Limiting Healing Starts from the Inside As Well

If dysfunction is present within your CNS, it’s called a subluxation.  A subluxation breaks down the communication line between your brain and body.  When the brain is unaware of what to properly heal…it doesn’t.  A subluxation will disable your body from adapting and healing properly because it is creating chaos from the inside.  This is why taking care of your spinal hygiene is crucial.

It All Comes Down To Hard Work

To be honest, to be healthy is hard work.  If you take care of your spine, it will take care of you and anything else you throw at your body.  Be wary of “new” things that people will try to sell you that are bright and shiny and get you out of the hard work.  Healing and adapting is 100% innately given.  Trust it well.

The Healing Aid or Crutch

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The Healing Aid or Crutch

Ever wonder if your body has the healing power you are designed to have?  Well, it does!  The healing power that your body has is capable of anything!  Chiropractic is not designed to make you instantly feel better, it is designed to make you heal!  When you sustain an injury such as a cut on your hand what happens?  You begin to bleed, a scab forms, and eventually your skin looks no  different then before.  HEALING!  Your body did not require any form of medication or any outside influence.  The same can be said for just about anything (within limits of matter).  If you decide to start giving your body a crutch or a band-aid over and over again, it will soon begin to depend on those forms of assistance.  Our analogy here for crutch and band-aid is that of medication, drugs, dope, unnecessary surgery, etc, etc.  Allow your body to do what it is supposed to do uninfluenced by outside means.

Chiropractic and healing are synonymous.  Chiropractic allows your body to heal the way it was intended.  Chiropractic care is health care allowing your body to restore proper connection inside and allowing your amazing body to do what it is supposed to do!  Common side effects of chiropractic care allowing your body to heal properly include but are not limited to: positive stamina, reduced drug use, elevated mood, restful sleep, improved mood, and improved immune and digestive health.  The list goes on and on.  As our world gets sicker and sicker more people are reaching out to alternative means.  Chiropractic is not considered true alternative, in fact it is it’s own complete identity of a paradigm of what health is.  The power that made the body heals the body.  Chiropractic allows healing to flourish naturally.