The Secret To Man’s Best Exercise

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The Secret To Man’s Best Exercise

Exercise…It’s Too Easy

Do you think exercise is easy?  When it comes to your overall health and well-being the best exercise has been around for a very long time.  It’s called posture.  In reality, striving for amazing posture is no secret.  The notion of having good posture in our society is so far saturated with cover-ups due to the fact of how simple it is.  The biggest reason posture is misunderstood for the “magical” benefits it possess it because you cannot SELL it.  If you cannot make a profit off of it, what really is it worth?

The Best Exercise Is Still The Same

Is posture really an exercise?  Having good posture is actually really hard-work.  Take standing for instance.  It is a lot “easier” to slump over and have lethargic posture as opposed to standing straight-up.  The same can be said when we are sitting down.  Having the right posture means that the right muscles are working the way they should be.  With bad posture comes abnormal movement patterns that we begin to perceive as “normal.”

Get Back To The Spine…It’s No Secret

As a chiropractor we check and adjust vertebral subluxations along the spine.  After a patient receives a specific adjustment the BEST exercise that they can perform is to be diligent with their posture.  There are no gimmicks here.  It is that simple.  The spine is a “tunnel” that houses and protects the most important part of your body, the central nerve system.  Once adjusted, the spine feeds proper nutrients back to the brain.  Maintaining posture enables uninhibited flow of communication.

Re-Route The Posture

After a specific adjustment, your top priority is your posture.  Bad posture creates detours along the spine which will inhibit your overall functionality.  The first symptom experienced with bad posture is low energy.  When you use muscles, tendons, and ligaments inappropriately, your body will feel like it is working overtime.  This is the complete opposite of a healthy exercise.  Exercise can be harmful if done wrong.

Best Exercise To Help Your Spine

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Best Exercise To Help Your Spine

The best exercise to help your spine is very simple.  In fact many of us know it already and have been taught at a very young age what to do.  It’s just so hard to do.  It’s called having GREAT POSTURE.  That’s it?  Yes, very simple at to the point.  The best so called “exercise” that you can accomplish and help your spine is being diligent with your posture.  Do you realize that having good posture is actually hard to do?

Adjustments Make My Posture Better

So, subluxations compromise ones ability to have profound posture.  Subluxations disconnect the brain-body connection.  So, as a direct result your body will work harder and faster than it requires to balance itself.  By getting checked on a regular basis and adjusted if necessary, you allow your body to be at it’s peak potential.  This means your central nerve system is happy, which means your body is happy.  People might say, “I need to focus on my Lats or do stabilizing exercises.”  Great, you can do those.  Or you can stop looking for the latest and greatest and do what has survived the test of time.

My Posture Is My Exercise

Guess what?  Being healthy is hard work.  It can’t be sold, modified, or infringed upon.  Coming and visiting your chiropractor to maintain your health is hard work. Watching and being diligent about your posture is hard work. Or course going and running for miles on end and lifting weights are necessary.  Or just incorporating an active lifestyle is beneficial. Once again it comes back again to hard work.  There is no stretch or exercise that can FIX a subluxation.  You get adjusted and reconnect the brain-body connection.  As a direct result your body will become more at ease.  Which means its easier to have better posture.  Let’s keep health simple.  Get your nerves checked.