Imagine you visit a doctor that keeps you healthy without the use of external stimulation.  Imagine a doctor’s office that is interested in the care and prevention of dis-ease.  Keeping the well people well, and getting the sick people healthy!  Welcome to the paradigm of Chiropractic.  

Unfortunately, this model of health is not a sought after paradigm.  Without “preaching” on this concept, keeping people well and preventing dis-ease is not BIG business.  One major influencer that goes against the paradigm is programming.  How many times have you seen a commercial that says if you suffer from “xyz”, tell your doctor you need the medication for it—along with all the serious side effects, of course. 
The United States is one of a few countries that tells the consumer to go “tell” their doctor they are suffering from this and medication is needed.   The concept of keeping people healthy by prevention is lost, because there is no need to put in hard work, time, effort, and choices, when you can just wait for a symptom to arise and take a pill for it.

Starting this paradigm of prevention is not a new concept.  Unfortunately, our health care system is based upon a wait and see game, or early detection begins.  Early screening is not prevention.  If you do one screening then another and then another you often become labeled as having a preexisting condition. 
Prevention is making sure you are doing all that is necessary to continue your state of health.  It’s hard work, trust us, and every 24 hours it resets again to begin the cycle again of constant attention.  You brush your teeth at night before bed and when you wake up….guess what you gotta do again…BRUSH! Being healthy is like a habit, you either feed it or you lose it.  No different than being unhealthy.

Work for your health.  Invest in it constantly because it’s the only one you have.  We believe in an adaptive state. If your primary system, the central nerve system, is free of dysfunction then your body is readily able to adapt to the stress you place upon it.  This enables all the other systems of your body to be functioning at an ideal state.  Yes, exercise, food, air quality, water, etc, are vitally important for a suitable environment for your body. You know this already!  It’s just more hard work!

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