Proper Body Function

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Proper Body Function

Proper body function.  What does that statement mean to you?  Function is defined as ” an activity or purpose natural to or intended for a person or thing.”  Function is the way that you express your life to your fullest potential, without any limitations.  People that seek chiropractic care are doing this to have proper body function on a day to day basis.  Nothing is more frustrating than a quality of life that has limitations and restrictions on daily functions.  Awareness of body function is fundamental to understanding health and the possibilities that everyone has to obtain.

What Proper Body Function Is Not

Proper body function does not come in the form of a pill.  You cannot expect that taking something to cover up a sign or symptom is the ultimate way to express your function.  Function does not come in the form of a lotion or potion that has to be regularly applied.  Function does not come in the form of surgery or taking something away from your body unnecessarily.  We do realize, and accept, that at certain times maybe one of these variables might be necessary.  Major traumas, accidents, and injuries do occur in life.  If you’re always going to rely on a crutch at least make sure you have explored all options before doing so.

What It Is

Proper body function is allowing your body to heal and overcome obstacles in your way, which is the greatest natural force that we all have.  It’s time to get off the medical system and to take care of yourself.  Chiropractic care allows you to express life without limitations and without having to add something artificially to your body.  Chiropractic restores your life by making sure your central nerve system is properly functioning, which in turn enables everything in your body to be sufficient.  Everything that you do in life is expressed through your nerve system, chiropractic keeps that nerve system connected and healthy with specific adjustments.  Chiropractic does not take anything away from your body nor does it supplement it.  The original beauty of your body is that it is a self-sustainable organism, it knows what to do!  With specific regular adjustments your body has no other option but to maintain proper body function.