The Gonstead Chiropractor

By September 22, 2014 Benefits of Chiropractic

Gonstead Chiropractor

Why a Gonstead chiropractor?  Dr. C.S. Gonstead (Dr. “G”) was a chiropractor who developed a technique that later developed into his name, hence the Gonstead chiropractic.  Why don’t all chiropractors utilize the Gonstead technique?  Our school of thought here at Carlson Chiropractic Offices is to utilize the most proficient technique in adjusting.  Dr. Calrson and Dr. Basler both attended Palmer College of Chiropractic (Chiropractic Started) that has a strong in-house curriculum for Gonstead chiropractic.  Both chiropractors attended numerous Gonstead seminars and still attend Gonstead seminars to keep up to date with education and how they can consistently improve.  Le it also be known that Dr. Carlson actually did learn in person from Dr. Gonstead.

Dr. Gonstead developed his technique over the course of his career.  Always improving and finding ways to be even more specific and understanding of how the body worked.  Dr. “G” before he was a chiropractor was an engineer.  So, utilizing his background as an engineer you could say his technique was focused around all the components of the body working as one.  Utilizing full spine x-ray  as well as full spine adjusting.  The Nervo-Scope for every single practice member at every visit is used it allow further assessment.  The thoroughness that goes into Gonstead Chiropractic is sufficient to eliminate all guessing from your body.

Gonstead chiropractic utilizes the bio-mechanically fundamentals of how your body responds to subluxations and how a chiropractor can thoroughly adjust those subluxations.  A Gonstead chiropractor takes considerate time and dedication to understand the entire system (We are still learning and getting better on a day to day basis!).  Gonstead chiropractic is a principled, specific, chiropractic technique that allows chiropractors to work on minute old babies to 95 year old osteoporosis practice members.  The chiropractor takes into account each individual practice member and accesses their spine, knowing that their is no cookie-cutter formula for what chiropractors do.  Here at Carlson Chiropractic Offices we take pride in what we do.  WE take pride in improving our art on a daily basis.