Gambling with your health comes at a cost, you are betting against the house, similar to a trip to the casino. Do people win? Of course you are going to have the occasional winner. Remember though, casinos are not built on winners, they are built on losers. The same concept can be said for our current health care industry. The health care industry is not built off of healthy people, it thrives on sick people. When you gamble with your health you are doing the health care industry a service and just conforming to what they want.  

Instead of gambling, why not actually fire for direct effect. The daily game of life causes us to experience stress. Some stress is a conscious choice, others just part of our unconscious routine. How have you gambled with your health? The good news is that specific Gonstead Chiropractic care will enable your body to be at its peak potential…naturally. No side effects, no gimmicks, lotions or potions. It’s actually pretty remarkable what the body can do when there is little to no dysfunction present within the central nervous system. Innately your body wants to be healthy, it craves it. Be honest with yourself and think of the last time you were sick. More than likely you don’t think to yourself “Wow, I really enjoy vomiting”. No one wants to be sick. The innate power of the brain controls every function of your body. The spine can interfere with this control if it is not in alignment. 

Use these general principles to think for yourself when it comes to your health.

·         Just because you don’t have a symptom does not mean you are healthy

·         Only going to the Chiropractor when you are in pain is like only eating healthy when you get sick

·         To successfully treat a symptom as a symptom is to allow the cause to continue

·         It is wiser to promote healing than to attack symptoms

·         Your spine and joints are the foundation of your body and the backbone of your body’s ability to function properly.  

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