Blood Pressure Cut By Chiropractic

By September 17, 2014 Benefits of Chiropractic

Blood Pressure Cut By Chiropractic

Blood pressure can be lowered by chiropractic adjustments?  First, we have to establish what is technically normal for one person is not normal for another person.  The average blood pressure is considered 120/80 mm hg.  However, that is not the case for most people.  Why?  People adapt differently and putting them in a classified box of what is “normal” and what is “not normal” should not be the case.  If you “have” high blood pressure you are considered of having a disease called hypertension.  Are you saying that chiropractic can “treat” hypertension?  If chiropractic looks at hypertension and neglects the entire body and how everything else is functioning, then you miss the concept.

After utilizing x-rays, properly accessing your neurological function, and locating and finding the cause of your current condition, a chiropractor takes a whole body approach.  Here is the paradigm :

1) Medicine will see that you have high blood pressure, because you are “not normal” and prescribe medication to lower your blood pressure, because something has to be wrong if you have a higher pressure.  Focusing specifically and solely on your heart musculature masking and covering up your cause and treating symptoms.

2) Chiropractic will look and focus on your entire system/s which function and integrate together collectively.  Locating the cause of your inability to adapt functionally to your current situation and locating the cause of the problem.  Locating the cause and allowing your body to adapt.

Your bodies intelligence is there for a reason. If you have blood pressure outside the “normal,” why do you think so?  Because your body needs to be elevated, because your body is attempting (and succeeding) in keeping you above your current health conditions, because your body is not sending complete signals via your nerves due to a subluxation.

There are studies that show chiropractic adjustments to lower an individuals blood pressure. Why?  If your body is sending clear neurological messages then your body is NORMAL! Your body is normal to who and what you are!  Patients tell us after beginning chiropractic care and receiving specific chiropractic adjustments that their medical doctor has taken them off blood pressure medication.  WHAT?!!  It is important to remember that a healthy nerve system contributes to a healthy well-being.  Remember the first chiropractic adjustment was not for low back pain!