The Tale Of The Young Man

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The tale of the young man starts with a common thread that everyone has to either fight with or control…time.  Time to start a family, time to make a career, and time to take care of his health. There are three variables that are typically at the top of the list.  Too often, though, we become sidetracked and focus our time on just one.

Seeing that we are a Chiropractic office we will focus on the health topic.  Some examples of repetitive sayings we hear are; “it’s time to start taking my health back” or ” I have waited long enough”.  Regardless of the tale, we often see the same story but with different characters.  

Old proverb – ‘A healthy man wants many things, a sick man wants only one thing.’  We cannot stress the importance of actively taking care of your health on a daily basis. The adage “if you don’t use it you lose it” is not far off the mark.  Your body is a vehicle that you must care for and its entirety, trading in for a newer model doesnt work here.  

Whether it’s sooner rather than later to start taking care of your health, we are ready for you.  Just as you work on bettering your family and career everyday, prioritizing your health should not take a back seat.  
Why Chiropractic care?  Just think of a health paradigm that is not involved in feeding your body pills, lotions, oils and other external variables.  Chiropractic is a salutogenic (an approach to wellness focusing on health and not on disease)  paradigm that is at the foundational level for health based on the tenants of Chiropractic dealing with the central nerve system.  For without a healthy functioning central nerve system, your health would cease to exist.

The tale of the young person to make the right choices with their time is left to them and themselves alone.  Making an old person wise starts with their approach in their youth.   I will leave you with this age old adage: “A young man in the pursuit of wealth will often neglect his health, the old man he becomes will spend his wealth to acquire his health.”

Pregnancy Health Care

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Pregnancy Health Care

Eating right, moving right, and adjusting right is essential for positive pregnancy health care.  Your master control system (nerve system) needs to be functioning on all gears to enjoy your pregnancy.  Neurological stimulation from MOVEMENT charges the brain’s batteries.  Chiropractors provide specific movement (adjustment’s) to your spinal region, thus decreasing interference, thus resulting in pregnancy health care.  Healthy functioning spine = healthy functioning reproductive system.  Emotional stress can lead to fear-based pregnancy.  Pregnancy health care does not come in the form of shot’s, pill’s, unnecessary ultrasounds, blueberry enema’s and whatever has been happening in recent years.  If you are eating right, your body does not have to stress about breaking down horrible toxic food.  If you are moving right (exercising), your body knows what to do.  If you are having your nerve system checked by a chiropractor, your body is adjusting and adapting to the stress placed on it.

Eating right and moving right should be self-explanatory.  Chiropractic though (hopefully chiropractic will be self-explanatory as well)?  Chiropractic is just not about sore backs.  “The function of the nervous system is to perceive the environment and coordinate the behavior of all other cells” Dr. Bruce Liption, PhD Biologist.  Chiropractors check for dysfunction in the nerve system.  A pregnant mother is developing a new individual.  That new individual probably needs some new cells right, just among some other things?  Pregnancy health care is not a medical process.  For instance, awesome individuals like Fern Creek Midwives are here to assist you through this awesome experience.  Fear-based pregnancy is not the way to go.  Eat right, move right, have your nerves checked, have some awesome midwives or “alternative” means of having the pregnancy you want.  Pregnancy health care should not be complicated.  

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