Ever Become Dis-Connected In A Phone Call?

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Ever Become Dis-connected In A Phone Call?

When talking on the phone and you immediately lose connection with the other person can become very frustrating.  Often times due to poor reception or maybe even hitting a wrong button.  Regardless of the reason why it happened, it is frustrating yet the same.  The worst case is when your talking and explaining a story for 10 minutes and there is nobody else on the line.  You were dis-connected the entire time without even knowing.  The same can be said for a subluxation.  A subluxation is dis-connected.  A subluxation does not all full power to the brain to body communication lines.

I Feel Like I Know When I Am Dis-connected

The age old adage “My back is outta whack” or “My back is out.”  Perfectly honest, I do not know what that means.  Now, we know that pain itself will be the last symptom that your body reports to the brain.  What people actually are trying to convey is that their muscles have been creating ABNORMAL movements to compensate for their subluxation.  Remember, nerves control the muscles.  When the muscles are overworking thus tension, spasm, knots are created.  A subluxation can go on for years without a body fully responding to it’s limitations.  Then after years of diconnect with he brain, enter the vocabulary “My back is outta whack.”

Get Connected Not Dis-connected

Long before the subluxation actually truly manifests you are losing full power to the area that the nerve supplies.  A subluxation is like a constant dimming of the lights.  Even though you can do everything you want with half power, your body is still not at full power.  Running on half power can only last for some time.  Specific chiropractic adjustments to areas of subluxations allow the body to re-boot.  An adjustment it like re-booting your computer and starting afresh again.  It allows the body to adapt and to heal to the dysfunction that has been present for some time.  You will always heal and adapt if you let your body do what it is supposed to do.

Overcoming The Anxiety Disorder

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Overcoming The Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is becoming a problem in the United States. Often simultaneously used in the same sentence as stress.  Distinctly anxiety disorder is an umbrella that encompasses a vast array of emotional disturbances.  With the disorder will come physical signs and symptoms that the body expresses.

Physical Signs & Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder

  • Increased muscle tension
  • Dizziness
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Rapid breathing
  • Heart palipitations
  • Irritability
  • Chills/hot flashes
  • Many more

Understanding The Process Of The Disorder

To be classified as having this disorder you need to have a diagnosis.  Often times many people receive the diagnosis and then are left for chance without any direction.  Taking medication over and over again does not address the cause.   To understand the process think of the word anxiety.  Anxiety is a normal part of your life.  It’s actually healthy.  When it becomes aggressive and chronic in nature without subsiding then it becomes demoralizing.

First Order Of Business

Addressing the physical signs and symptoms should be the first order of business.  Clinically this is proven over and over again with specific chiropractic care.  Chiropractor’s have long been known to help with physical symptoms.  Then when the body is in a balanced state we can address the emotional part of the anxiety disorder.  Why?  How?  Specific adjustments actually restores spinal function which ultimately changes the way the brain functions.  An adjustment is like a computer re-boot.  It’s restored.  The key is to understand the root cause of the symptoms, easier said than done.

The Cause

When the body is unable to adapt, health cannot simply manifest.  You might say that in order to stop anxiety disorder I should just stop “thinking!”  When the body is properly connected (brain to body) life is at it’s optimal potential.  After a specific adjustment the body establishes proper connection with the pre-frontal cortex in the brain.  Think of the pre-frontal cortex as the “OG” (orignal gangster for those of us who dont know slang) the “HEAD HONCHO.”  Use whatever adjective you find appropriate.  Fact of the matter is that you need to maintain your health through specific chiropractic care.  Learn more and ask more.  Simple way is to contact us.

Tips To Lower The Anxiety

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Tips To Lower The Anxiety

Anxiety or any emotional stress for that matter can destroy the body over time.  Say for instance the upcoming holiday season that is upon us.  This can be a time often filled with some sort of emotional stress that can last for the day or months after the initial episode.  The choice is up to you.

Take Away The Anxiety

Any anxiety that you encounter alters every function in the body.  How so?  The central nerve system controls regulates and coordinates all actions and all behaviors that you experience.  Have you ever had “Butterflies In the Stomach” before?  It’s not that we are walking around swallowing a bunch of butterflies.  A specific part of the central nerve system called the pre-frontal cortex is responsible for such actions.  Now, imagine if there is a disconnect from what the pre-frontal cortex communicates to the rest of the body due to an altered thought process.  As a direct result every cell in the body is dysfunctional.

Positive Attitude

Having a positive mindset is a top priority to maintaining your quality of life.  Staying positive like a proton goes a long way.  While staying positive can help you “feel” better, only your nerve system can allow you to heal from a stressor.  Having a positive mindset comes with fueling the body in a correct manner.

Lifestyle Habits To Combat Anxiety

Relieving anxiety starts with making sure your nerve system is properly connected.  Without this, everything else can fall to the wayside.  This can start with you by working on your own spinal alignment, its called posture!  Having correct posture “segways” into exercise.  Proper posture is hard to do, and guess what?  It’s actually an exercise you can do every single day of your life.  Sure, you have to incorporate other exercises such as walking, running, yoga, weight-lifting, or whatever suites your fancy.  Diet is a necessary component as well.  Re-charge with  substantial nutrients that incorporates a well balanced diet.