We Can Help You With That

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We Can Help You With That

We can help you with that.  Help with what?  Your bodies overall functionality.  People say that  “Chiropractors think they can cure anything.”  There is truth and misguided information in this statement.  First, your Chiropractor should be teaching you why and how they can help the body.  Second, the word cure is thrown around way to loosely and should not be used in chiropractic care. Understand the major premise to understand your Chiropractors thought process.

The Major Premise

Scientifically we understand that the brain and spinal cord, collectively called the central nerve system (CNS) regulates, controls, and even made every system and part of you. When a nerve exiting out of the spinal column has stress placed on it, immediately the nerve deviates off of normal tone. The organs, cells, and tissues that the nerve supplies will as a result begin to become hyper or hypo, thus damaging the body.  This “major premise” is not just recognized by Chiropractors. It is no different than what medical doctors have been taught in basic physiology.  The difference however, begins in treating the damaged organ and addressing the cause which controls, and coordinates the organ to help the body adapt and function properly.

Chiropractic Enables Your Body To Adapt

Chiropractic does not treat, nor cure the body. When a Chiropractor adjusts a specific area that is placing undo stress on a specific nerve the body immediately begins to release adaptive forces. Meaning? You begin to heal yourself. This once again is not a new “made up concept.” People are demanding more natural and effective forms of healthcare. You’d be amazed with what wellness and regular chiropractic care can do to enhance your health and performance. If your lifestyle does not include specific spinal healthcare, your body cannot function efficiently.​ By eliminating stress on the CNS you will have a positive impact on your ability to adapt and function. #getchecked

High Blood Pressure Controlled By.

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High Blood Pressure Controlled By…

It is Valentine’s Day and yes we are going to talk about high blood pressure!  We assume we have high blood pressure and we have to immediately blame our faulty heart.  The problem lies solely in the heart and nothing else is attributed to this failure.  Now, granted if you’re going out on a date with someone tonight you might have some high blood pressure or you just might be “nerve-es”.  Back to reality here.  Being chiropractors we are always and constantly checking for proper nerve function. Proper nerve function and communication is essential for a healthy life.  The vagus nerve just so happens to communicate to our heart.  Communication from your brain to your heart is via the vagus nerve.  If communication is inhibited then your heart will begin to suffer.  Guess one way how your heart lets you know you have a lack of communication?  High blood pressure!

There is a bone at the top of the neck called the Atlas vertebrae.  If the atlas bone decides to move and apply pressure to your vagus nerve, that results in a loss of communication.  With that loss of communication the organ the nerve is supposed to control suffers.  That special organ we are talking about due to Valentine’s Day is the heart!  High blood pressure is controlled and regulated by your master control system.  If you have a bad experience in life you have to find your nerve system at fault.  To make sure your body is adapting and functioning the way you want it to, have your nerves checked!  Now, are we neglecting the healthy eating and proper exercise components of this?  Not at all.  Proper exercise and nutrition go hand in hand for a healthy functioning nerve system as well as a healthy functioning cardiovascular system.  We are stating that the most important influence on your body to make sure you adapt and overcome is having a healthy functioning nerve system.  Have your nerves checked.  Happy Valentine’s Day.