Understanding Chiropractic

By September 25, 2014 Benefits of Chiropractic

The thoughts that many of us have concerning chiropractic is NOT about sore backs.  “The function of the nerve system is to perceive the environment and coordinate the behavior of all other cells” ~Dr. Bruce Liption, PhD Biologist.  Chiropractic deals with the nerve system.  A chiropractor is a nerve system specialist, and that nerve system just so happens to be the most important component of your body regulating and controlling ALL.  The causes of why someone would think about chiropractic is: 1. Physical Stress 2. Chemical Stress 3. Emotional Stress.  The effects of why someone thinks of chiropractic is: Dyskinesia, Dysafferentation, Dysautonomia, Dysponesis, Dysconnected!  Let us go further into chiropractic and the effects it helps.

Chiropractic and “Dyskinesia”: deals with movement.  If you have improper movement in your spinal bones, then you will have decreased range of motion.  Chiropractic and “Dysafferentation”: deals with your senses.  If you have improper movement then you will have improper sensory function (coordination, you get the picture…your senses).  Chiropractic and “Dysautonomia”: deals with your autonomic nerve system.  If you have dysfunction with your autonomic nerve system, you have improper function or glands, organs, reproductive system, immune system, etc.

Chiropractic and “Dysponesis”: relating to human health as a whole and the disease process as factors of reactions to our environment.  Chiropractic and “Dysconnected”: the final one…..the answer is in the word.  Notice, during this entire rant of chiropractic, low back pain was not even mentioned once (except now)!  Chiropractic allows energy to flow and unlocks your potential you have been hiding!