The Sticky Icky DISC

By September 5, 2014 January 17th, 2018 ADHD, Benefits of Chiropractic

The Sticky Icky DISC

When people think of a herniated disc they sometimes use slipped, ruptured, and bulging disc.  How does the disc do this?  Basically, the disc starts to push out through its encasing like toothpaste; however remember it is still attached and will remain attached.  The casing (the tube of tooth paste) is weakened which allows your disc to push through and expose itself.  Once the disc is exposed through the casing it can be very painful and signs and symptoms start to appear.

How do disc herniation’s happen?  If your spinal column has chronic instability, over time that is going to take a toll on your disc space.  There are some instances when just gradual instability is monument-ed by a drastic movement (such as lifting a heavy box wrong for the billionth time) that allows you to express the signs and symptoms of a disc injury.  When you have a disc herniation your body becomes very susceptible to any sudden movements, which is brought on by your instability.

How does someone acquire instability?  Instability exists in your spinal column when subluxations (what chiropractor’s find and adjust) are present for a prolonged period of time.  What your amazing body begins to do is compensate for the instability thus creating wear and tear on your spinal column.

What can be done for someone who has a herniation?  The disc herniation has already happened so the damage has already been done.  Imagine blowing a balloon up, and then popping the balloon.  You cannot blow the balloon back up and then pop it a second time.  This analogy is like that with your disc herniation.  Chiropractic will allow your body to maintain the disc herniation and be symptomatic and pain free so you can live your life the way you have always wanted to.  It is the chiropractor’s job to maintain your health so you can HEAL.