Low Back Pain Have You Stumped

By August 22, 2014 Benefits of Chiropractic

Low back pain is the top reason why people come into the chiropractor’s office.  Approximately 31 million Americans experience lower back pain at any given time.  That is a pretty HUGE number.  What do most people tend to do when they experience some sort of lower back pain?  Head to your nearest pharmacy and time to start “masking” some low back pain with some dope.  So, how does low back pain come about?  Let us start with the most notable one.

Accident, injury, or some sort of trauma.  If you sustain something so monumental and your body is not able to overcome your accident then yes you will feel low back pain immediately.  The signs and symptoms are going to be evident and you will be in acute pain.  Can a chiropractor help you with this and get you out of pain as fast as possible….YES!  The acute patient is 1 out of 10.  They are able to feel the low back pain immediately because the accident they underwent .

Now, let us talk about the 9 out of 10 peeps who are experiencing low back pain.  For these individuals the low back pain was the last thing to show up, that is right the low back pain was the last sign and symptom to appear.  When we start asking them about their health it proceeds as follows:  ”  Tell me about your irregular menses, your cramps, your hemorrhoids, your constipation and having a bowel movement once every three days, etc, etc.”  Then you begin to tell us how all those things have been going on for some time and how they are “NORMAL.”  You cannot imagine life without having some sort of discomfort because you think they are normal!  You see, signs and symptoms besides LOW BACK PAIN are the first things to appear that yes nerve dysfunction is present in your body.Your “normal” signs and symptoms that have been going on for some time are your first examples that low back pain is present!

Your nerves do not care about pain!  They are designed to keep you healthy and functioning. If you have nerve dysfunction your body is going to start eliciting signs and symptoms that “Hey, something is not right”!”  What do most of us do, we pop some dope and mask our symptoms up, think we are “okay” and then 4 years down the road when our nerves have had enough, FINALLY YOU HAVE LOW BACK PAIN.  Your body is an amazing thing, it will attempt to keep you healthy and sometimes you just need to listen to your body before you finally start to experience the low back pain.  Signs and symptoms mean nerve dysfunction is present.  Who locates, finds, and if needed adjusts the cause of your symptoms….that’s right, your Chiropractor!  Have your nerves checked!