Do You Think You Are Healthy?

By December 29, 2016 Benefits of Chiropractic

Do You Think You Are Healthy?

In this day in age every month there seems to be a new and latest health trend that we should now “try”.  Trying to be healthy does not start with creating short-cuts.  Everyone and everybody is trying to hang a shingle on the latest health categories.  Honestly you have to think about this.  There seems to be a new diet pill every month.  If someone is not selling diet pills then it’s a new exercise program specifically designed for “you”.

Let’s Get Real About Being Healthy

First of all understand how the body operates and functions.  The body works in this fashion – above, down, inside, and out.  To break this down your central nerve system (brain) sends messages down through your spinal canal.  Messages are then internally sent out via your nerves to supply your tissue cell.  The building blocks of life just happen to be the tissue cell.  In order to be healthy you must understand this fundamental principle.  You need a healthy functioning central nerve system to make sure that EVERYTHING else in the body is strong and healthy.

What Do You Perceive As Healthy?

Our media likes to depict what it means to be healthy.  Our standards are far from what it actually means.  Even so, we rationalize these variables to allow us to be satisfied with our current status.

  • Muscular body
  • Good looking hair
  • Nice skin complexion
  • Slim body
  • Or how about just “Good Looking” – This statement often is the winner.  If we see someone who looks good we automatically tend to think they have health.

Back To The Basics

First off, start with a properly functioning central nerve system.  If you have any limitations within the central nerve system you are not at your fullest potential.  Your health cannot be 100% if the central nerve system is not coordinating proper messages. No special pill, lotion, potion, or latest exercise is going to “fix” the central nerve system.  Whats next?  A properly sustainable diet is next!  Typically for people it’s eating the foods you don’t want to.  The healthy ones.  After diet comes your regular exercise routine.  What should that mean to you?  Simple, just go exercise.  Let’s not over complicate health any more.  Do the basics.

Wikipedia even tells us in plain text what the central nerve system does to maintain health. Click ME