A Chiropractor Point Of View

By September 26, 2014 Benefits of Chiropractic

Thinking like a Chiropractor is not the norm of our society.  A Chiropractors point of view goes against what we think is “normal” in our society.  There are two HUGE different view points, which basically are two HUGE different paradigms.  You have Western Medicine which is the study of disease and what causes somebody to die.  Then on the complete opposite pole you have Chiropractic and what causes somebody to live and be abundant in life.  A Chiropractor realizes that everything you were born with is just ENUF!  You do not need outside sources/dope to help you.  A Chiropractor realizes that everything is connected and everything in your body needs to work in harmony.  If the nerve system is not functioning properly that means your body is not functioning properly.  What does a chiropractor check and specialize in……the nerve system!  Western Medicine looks at something and puts a disease label on it and begins to infiltrate your body with dope.  This dope is not smart though, it causes more harm than good.  Any drug advertisement brings about with it certain disclaimers at the end of the message……this should be bright light bulb!  Now, our disclaimer is that WM has made huge strides, in emergency care, trauma care, and crisis care……enuf said.

Example.  Someone who has high blood pressure walks into Western Medicine (WM).  WM will send them to a heart specialist who will access the heart and then possibly put you anti-hypertensives and then put a label on you such as high blood pressure.  This might work, and your body might accept it and it might lower your blood pressure.  Your body might reject and start to have adverse symptoms with other organs, cells, tissues, and glands.  Now, let us jump to a chiropractor and the other paradigm.  Someone who has high blood pressure walks into a Chiropractors office.  The chiropractor will access your nerves, take x-rays and look at all the structures controlled by your nerves….which is everything.  A chiropractor is not going to single out that heart, and say that the heart is the sole purpose and reason for the so called high blood pressure.  A chiropractor realizes that everything works together and when 1 thing begins to have dysfunction you have to look at the body as 1 ENTIRE PART.  When your body begins to overcome and adapt to certain stress in your life, your body HEALS.

Yet another analogy! It is like a Swiss watch.  If the minute hand stops working WM will focus specifically on that minute hand and focus entirely on that minute hand.  A Chiropractor will check out every big lever, every small lever, every big gear, and every little gear that makes that minute hand function correctly!  Get  your nerves checked.