The Back Doctor

By August 29, 2014 Benefits of Chiropractic

Back pain and chiropractic.  Back pain and a chiropractor.  Why is back pain pain associated with chiropractor’s?  Unless you are in a major accident or trauma you will not feel back pain immediately.  What we are concerned with the most is how your body is functioning as a unit.  If you are exhibiting signs and symptoms such as irregular menses, constipation, infertility, cramps and so on, that is your first sign of back pain.  We tend to neglect those signs and symptoms and think that those are to be handled in a different way using medicine.  Then when we actually have back pain we go to the chiropractor not thinking they can help heal your other signs and symptoms.

Your nerve system controls all.  Your bodies way of letting you know that you actually have “back pain” is your signs and symptoms that you exhibit before the actual pain even arrives! Pain goes where the nerve goes, and the nerve controls all (organs, cell’s tissue’s, and glands).  So, finally when someone has had enough and the back pain actually starts to show up, you see a chiropractor.

The misconception is that chiropractors are nerve system specialists, NOT back pain doctors.  We access all of your nerves for proper functioning and to make sure you can live a life free of obstacles.  Do a vast majority of people come into a chiropractic office because of the pain, yes!  It is the job of the chiropractor to inform the practice member that yes you came in for pain, then let me tell you how I can really help you!  That yes, I can get you out of pain as fast as possible, but then let us work on making you body overall healthy by addressing your signs and symptoms that you have been living with for some time.