How Would You Define Being Healthy?

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Where does health come from? This question itself is bigger than the short paragraphs that we can provide you with. In order to understand health you must understand the body and the ca pabilities it holds. The current paradigm of “health” that most people assimilate with was based in 1948 post World War II and is still the current model.

With this general concept of what health is we started to become a society based on palliative care and started to turn away from the idea that the body could and would heal from within. Palliative care is based upon relieving the signs and symptoms without dealing with the actual cause of what CAUSED the signs and symptoms in the first place. Why do two people drink from a fountain and only one gets “sick”?

1948 World Health Organization definition of health: “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. So, just because you don’t have a disease makes you healthy? Far from the truth. Every day you have the choice to make healthy decisions or unhealthy decisions that will alter and change the trajectory of your bodies ability to ADAPT to the stressors you place upon it.

If you start to take up rowing, your hands begin to blister from the new repetition that your body places upon it. Instead of ‘treating’ the blisters with medicine and remedies your body is designed to callus over the blisters and adapt in accordance with the stressors that you place upon your hands.

In Chiropractic, we are solely based upon the adaptability paradigm. We not only have a philosophy of what health is, the science has been there and still continues to support the TRUE definition of health. The bodies ability to remain healthy is innately within all of us and at the center of this health is the central nerve system. Every organ in the body is connected to the one under your hat – B.J. Palmer. Change your paradigm…change your health.

Healthy Kids Education

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Healthy Kids Education

Healthy kids education?  Healthy kids is what each parent wants and looks to achieve during their lifespan.  When we think of healthy kids our first thought is typically free of disease and symptoms.  Unfortunately, this is not the case for the growing trend in our society.  As a chiropractor I come under the title of doctor, my mentors and schooling taught me that doctor means “teacher”.  It is our responsibility to inform and educate about why you see a chiropractor and the endless health choices that come under specific chiropractic care.  One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine – Sir William Osler.  When it comes to health we have been masked to believe that it comes in the form of a lotion, pill or needle.  Our body was not designed to process artificial stimulation on a continual basis, it is not the natural order.  The body was designed to heal on its own accord and it takes time to heal.

To impact our society we need to focus on the kids.  Healthy kids begins with the upbringing, foundation of healthy eating, regular exercise, and positive emotional stimulation.  When it comes to their overall well-being and health related issues, chiropractors are primary health care doctors.  The first physical trauma that we all experience is birth, regardless of how amazing it is, it is still traumatic.  Right then you should be wanting your child checked to make sure that their nerve system is properly functioning.  Nerves and chiropractic, the two words go hand in hand.  Chiropractors are nerve system specialists who remove interference in the body by specifically adjusting subluxations.  A subluxation occurs when stress is placed on a spinal nerve, thus in turn creating dysfunction within the body.

Healthy kids start with a healthy functioning nerve system.  All processes that begin with signs and symptoms have an origin, a malfunctioning nerve system.  Think of some common childhood health problems: ear infections, colic, constipation, colds, etc.  If the immune system is compromised then the nerve system controlling this has to be compromised to an extent.  So, what do we do if our kids have signs and symptoms?  Get their nerve system checked!  Want to boost their immune system the natural way?  Want to help strengthen their immunity and potentially reduce the incidence of general illness?  No drugs required!  Regular chiropractic adjustments to ensure their optimal potential leads to healthy kids!