Life Is Motion

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Life Is Motion

Life is motion!  Every interaction that we have on this earth has to generate some sort of motion.  Ever take the time to stop and wonder?  Well, even if you do take time to stop and think about that, your body is still generating movement.  Thinking still cultivates movement along the neurological pathway to require the process of thoughts.  Even to stop and take a nap during the day your body is still producing movement, digestive enzymes, hormones, peristaltic motion, etc.  Mobility is required in just about every form of life and it’s our ability to keep healthy movement a sustainable part of our daily life.  We often think about exercising when we think about motion and for good reason.  Exercising is vital to maintaining a healthy body that is constantly being re-energized with proper chemistry to sustain an optimal quality of life.

Chiropractic Motion

Chiropractic focuses specially on the central nerve system (the master controller of your body) and making sure that there are no obstacles in the communication process between brain to body.  Chiropractors focus on identifying vertebral subluxations within the spine that limit your ability to function.  When a subluxation occurs within the body it creates an entire central nerve system dysfunction that limits…motion!  When your brain sends messages down through the spinal cord out to your vital organs, cells, tissues, and glands this is all MOTION.  Without going into too much detail about how nerves generate mobility, a subluxation produces the complete opposite.  When chiropractors find and locate the specific subluxations they then perform and adjustment to that vertebra.  Guess what?  A specific chiropractic adjustment is MOTION!  By applying the right amount of force in the right direction your body has no other option but to start healing from the subluxation and restore normal function.

Restore Proper Mobility

Understanding what is right for your body is unique to everyone.  That is why chiropractic is specific to each unique individual spine.  With restoring proper mobility within the spinal region the body restores proper communication and enables you to function at your optimal.  Think about exercising with a subluxation, think about not being able to perform at 100% and wondering why?  Proper mobility is key to living a life free of obstacles and maintaining your health.